Bracers of Bonus Potions (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

Has your party's barbarian ever done something wildly stupid and wound up with 1 hit point, screaming at the cleric to pull his fat out of the fire? Worry no more with this fabulous pair of Bracers of Bonus Potions.

Up to two potions of appropriate level combination can be stored in the bracers in a "Ready" condition. As a bonus action, the PC can press a button on one of the bracers to administer the potion to themselves. Administering two potions (by either pressing two buttons or one button plus drinking an external potion) requires an action and putting a potion into the bracer requires an action.

Player can equip a total of 5 potion "slots" defined as follows:

  • Common 1 slot
  • Uncommon 2 slots
  • Rare 3 slots
  • Very Rare 4 slots
  • Legendary 5 slots

Examples: One rare potion and one uncommon potion, one very rare and one common, or a single legendary

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