Bracelet of Adaptation (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, very rare

A silver colored metal bracelet, over an inch wide, a thinner band over top of it can spin, and has six small animal figures etched onto it. When the moveable band is set to an animal, the wearer of the bracelet gets an attribute of the set animal. When set to an Elephant: The person's ears get huge (with added effect of really, really good hearing). Rabbit: Feet grow long, and you gain double speed and jump distance. Turtle: A thick, hard shell grows over your skin, adding armor to it. Giving +2 to AC, yet disadvantage with anything related to movement. Monkey: grow a tail, giving +4 to climbing. Fish: Get gills on your neck, and can breathe under water. Eagle: Get large eagle-like eyes, and really good long distance vision. There is also a blank spot on the bracelet to set it to, if desired.

The effect lasts until the bracelet is set to something else. (If you want, the player can gain the above abilities WITHOUT the body changes, it's up to the DM)

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