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Martial Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Boomerang +2 1d6 5/10 10 gp 2 lb Mace Off-hand, Heavy Thrown, Returning

A curved throwing stick made from wood or bone, with airfoil wings that allows it to bank through the air back to the wielder if they miss.

Heavy Thrown

A ranged basic attack with a boomerang uses your Strength instead of your Dexterity for the attack and damage rolls.


A boomerang is light enough that you can hold it and attack effectively with it while holding a weapon in your main hand. You can't attack with both weapons in the same turn, unless you have a power that lets you do so, but you can attack with either weapon.


If you miss with a ranged attack made with a boomerang, you can catch it as a free action. If you do not wish (or are unable) to catch it, it falls at your feet in your space. A magic boomerang teleports back to your hand with no action, or into a sheath or backpack you are wearing if you wish.

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