Books of Long Distance Texting (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Common

a pair of plain hardback books that are completely blank. they are warm to the touch and glow softly with a amber light in the dark

The Books Of Long Distance Texting These plain looking blank hardback book are completely blank when someone writes anything on a page in one book will appear in the other and vice versa. when someone has written in one book the other book will glow and emit a soft ringing sound for 1 minute or until it is opened. These books can be used to communicate at long distances in real time so long as both enchanted books are on the same plane of existence. Anything written in either book will disappear at dawn of the next day. The enchantment of these books are not secure and can be intercepted or spied on by standard magical means without the writers ever knowing it. These books are affected by anti-magic effects and the books can be destroyed by normal means such as burning them. however if 25% of the book still remains usable then at dawn of the next day the book will magically repair itself back to normal. The mending spell does not work on these books. Pages torn from one of these books loose the effects of the books enchantment instantly upon removal. You cannot use these books to transcribe spells nor can you even write spells in one of these books. If you try to Draw in one of the books the drawing will not be transferred to the other book and it will be erased the same way as written text. whatever you write in book will not be translated when it appears in the other book. you can use any kind of writing tool and any kind of Ink that can be used to write on paper.

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