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Wondrous Item, Legendary (Requires attunement by a spellcaster able to cast Chronomancer spells)

A gift from the gods of the Astral plane, the Book of Time is bestowed to only those with the greatest potential. This leather bound book is sealed with cold iron, magical wards, and many other methods to prevent anyone but the intended target to read it. The spine of the book bears the words "A Complete History."

When given a Book of Time by a god of the Astral plane, a chronomancer must automatically attune to it, losing another item if necessary. Any other spellcaster able to attune to it must follow the following steps.

The mundane locks are immune to magical effects and require a DC 30 Strength check to break. The wards on the book are written in a completely alien language and require a DC 30 Intelligence check to read. Successfully reading the wards reveals constantly changing words and patterns surrounding the words "Book of Time." The wards require a DC 30 Intelligence (Arcana) check to break, this check is made with advantage if the wards have been read within the past 30 seconds. Failing any of the above checks results in taking 3d12 psychic damage. 30 seconds after the first lock is broken, whether mundane or magical, the book repairs and resets itself, effectively nullifying all progress made to open it. A chronomancer other than the intended target cannot attune to the Book of Time until it has been opened.

The Book of Time contains the complete history of the universe, changing as actions in the present alter the flow of time. Only one creature is able to read the book at any given time, and even then the mental strain of doing so is immense. The creature bonded to the Book of Time may, spend time studying the book during a short or long rest (would wake up from long rest with charges) for up to 3 hours once per day. The reader takes 1d8 Psychic damage for each hour spent studying the book which cannot be reduced through any means and cannot be healed during the rest. For the next 24 hours, the reader may choose to succeed any dice roll (as long as they are able to succeed with a natural 20 dice roll), regardless of type, that they otherwise failed. They may use this feature one time for every hour they spent studying the book. After 24 hours or a long rest the reader forgets all that they have read about and will have to reread to gain more knowledge about time. The reader is only allowed upto 3 uses a day, no matter how many charges they have collected.

Alternatively, the reader may, during a long rest, use the Book of Time to commune with the Lord and Lady of Time and Fate. In doing so, the reader may ask any questions about future events, but they will only answer with yes or no/true or false/etc. The reader can only ask 5 questions in the span of a week, any further questions will be met with silence.

The Lord and Lady will, on occasion (DM's discretion), choose to answer a question with a prophecy instead of a yes or no. These occasions usually speak of events that could cause great fluctuations in the timeline.

The Book of Time (Credit: AppleSin Source)

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