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Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Bolter Rare 4d8 piercing 15 lb. Ammunition (range 80/240), heavy, reload (30 shots), short burst (2), two-handed.

A bolter fires .75 calibre armor-piercing rocket rounds that penetrate a target then explode. It is a bulky two-handed firearm, with a pistol-grip and no stock, designed to be wielded by humanoids with enhanced strength. These statistics represent the Godwyn Mark Vb Pattern bolter, the standard firearm of the Adeptus Astartes.

Variant: Bolter Carbine. The Ceres pattern bolter is lighter, weighing 10 lb. It does not have the three-round-burst or heavy traits.

Variant: Light Bolter. Several patterns of the bolter gave smaller construction overall and are designed for use by humanoids with unenhanced strength. This includes the Godwyn-De'az, Heresy, Locke and Mars patterns. They weigh 9 lb., deal 3d8 piercing damage, hold 18 rounds, and do not have the heavy trait.

Variant: Light Sniper Bolter. The Perinetus pattern bolter is a light bolter that fires long-range bolt rounds. It weighs 9 lb., deals 3d8 piercing damage, holds 18 rounds, and does not have the heavy or short burst traits. It has a range of 120/360.

Variant: Sniper Bolter. The Stalker pattern bolter has an integrated targeter and fires long-range bolt rounds. It weighs 18 lb. and has a range of 120/360.

Variant: Versatile Bolter. The Sternguard pattern bolter has a special magazine that holds three columns of 6 rounds of ammunition (18 rounds in total). This allows the user to freely select between three different types of ammunition.

Variant: Storm Bolter. This is a double-barreled variant that weighs 20 lb. Its short burst trait is improved from (2) to (3), but this expends 6 rounds of ammunition. A single attack discharges two rounds of ammunition, and on a successful hit you can re-roll one damage die as though it had the short burst (1) property.

Ammunition Variants

Since a bolt is essentially a small rocket, it can hold a variety of warheads.

The standard bolt has a solid fuel rocket propellant base, a mass-reactive fuse, an explosive charge, a hardened diamantine tip and a depleted uranium core. When fired at a creature with worn or natural armor and an AC of 14 or greater, that creature takes a -1 penalty to AC against that attack.

Kraken Penetrator. This round replaces the depleted uranium core with a adamantium, and has a heavier charge. When fired at a creature with worn or natural armor and an AC of 16 or greater, that creature takes a -2 penalty to AC against that attack.

Inferno. An inferno bolt holds an oxy-phosphorus gel instead of the depleted uranium core. It deals fire damage instead of piercing damage and set the on fire dealing 2d6 fire for 1d4 rounds.

Metal Storm Frag. This round has a proximity fuse and replaces the penetrating tip and core with a fragmentation casing and increased charge. When you fire a metal storm frag bolt, you do not roll to attack. Instead, the target and each creature within 10 feet must make a DC (10 + Dexterity + Proficiency) Dexterity saving throw, taking the full weapon damage and an additional 4d8 fire damage on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one.

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