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There are stories of a people brought up in the war-torn cubes of Acheron. They know nothing but battle, and approach it with unequaled ease and ability. A race of people that spent years wandering Acheron, adapting and learning all they could to become they best that they could be. They are called the Bokiin.


Bokiin tend to be short-spoken, they never talk to interact with people if they can help it. They have tendency to relate things to battle, because it helps them to understand. They are not bloodthirsty by any means, but all they know is battle. They spend little time dealing with people, and most see no reason to do deal with them, if it can be avoided.

Physical Description

Bokiin look like large, bulky humans with dark skin and hair, and often wild eyes. They often decorate their bodies with red tattoos, and many are born with intricate patterns on their usually dull skin. They typically stand about six and a half feet tall, and weigh about 220 pounds.


Bokiin don’t get along well with anyone, especially anyone who does not agree with them on the importance of warfare. They often get along better with more savage races than with cultured people, but do befriend the occasional dwarf who revels in the company of the warrior with decades of experience.


The lawful tendency of their home plane is hard to get rid of. They are very stoic and cold, and are almost always towards lawful, with lawful neutral being the most common. Lawful good Bokiin are far less common than lawful evil ones.

Bokiin Lands

Bokiin call no place their home except the battlefield. As is in their nature they move, adapting to one land after another, just as they did on Acheron. They fit in where they can, or stay as outsiders, whatever suits them.


Bokiin are no more or less religious than most humans. If they find a deity appealing they may make their battle cries to them, or pray for protection, and most do this to some degree. However, they are almost never clerics, they have a hard time fanatically devoting themselves to something they cannot touch, or do or physically uphold. The few war-priests that do rise from their ranks are a sight to behold.


There is no native tongue on Acheron, only battle-cries. Bokiin speak common, but have no racial language.


Bokiin often use human names, especially when human society. They have little use for real names on Acheron, most are referred to by rank, or titles given to them because of some great deed. The ranks are usually the same as those used in human armies.


Bokiin pursue adventure for almost expressly one reason: to fight. To prove themselves in battle, to come home with a badge of honor, to hold their own on the field of battle.

Bokiin Racial Traits

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Wis. –4 Cha: Bokiin are strong and nimble, but are prone to obliviousness and see little use for dealing with people, even if they knew how.
  • Humanoid (Extraplanar)
  • Medium Size: Bokiin gain to benefits or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: 30ft
  • Darkvision: 60ft
  • +2 on Intimidate checks, their stoic and hard nature makes Bokiin quite scary.
  • +1 Natural Armour: Bokiin have tough, thick skin.
  • Ease of Movement: Can move through rubble and other movement impediments at normal speeds. Years of moving over piles of debris have taught them how to do it with the greatest ease.
  • Shatterspray: A Bokiin can summon forth a spray of debris from their home world, no one knows how they learned this technique, but it is certainly a sight to behold. Once a day as a full-round action a Bokiin can summon forth debris. This debris deals 1d10 points of damage to anyone hit by it. They debris can be manifested in one of two ways: either it hits all opponents in adjacent squares (and the bokiin’s square, but it does not harm the bokiin) or in a 15ft. cone expelled in a chosen direction. A character can make a Reflex save (DC 10+1/2 Bokiin's char. lvl+con mod) for half damage.
  • Call of Battle: Upon witnessing a combat already in progress, or upon being met with a hostile enemy, a Bokiin must make a DC 15 will save to resist engaging in battle. If he fails he thinks rationally, but must attack at his next available opportunity. If an opponent is not readily available, he must move to engage an enemy. Every round thereafter he may make another will save DC 15 +1 for ever failed save after the first, to cease fighting.
  • Immune petrification and paralysis, they grew slowly immune to the “preservative” effect of Thaldanin.
  • -2 on Listen Checks, their ears are not accustomed to hearing quiet noises, only the loud clang of battle.
  • Favored Class: Fighter
  • LA: +0

Bokiins as Creatures

Bokiin Soldier - 1st-level Fighter

Bokiin Sergeant - 3rd-level Fighter

Bokiin Berserker - 4th-level Barbarian

Fiendish Bokiin Berserker - 4th-level Fiendish Barbarian

Bokiin Axe Master - 6th-level Fighter

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