Blademaster Gloves (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

A pair of simple, black gloves with a silver circle symbol in the palms. Or are they?


The Blademaster Gloves only become active upon the absorption of a bladed weapon. When a bladed weapon is absorbed into a glove, a symbol representing that weapon appears across the silver circle in the palm. Each glove may absorb up to two bladed weapons.


Once a glove is activated, any of the following commands may be executed as an action.

Summon: You summon the desired blades from the Blademaster Gloves, and they hover at shoulder-height, blades perpendicular to the ground. You may equip any of these weapons as a bonus action. Blades must be summoned before any other commands may be executed.

Fly: Desired blades autonomously attack one target each within 100 feet. You may add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls made with these weapons, but your damage rolls are made with no ability modifiers.

Shield: Desired blades defends you. You gain a +1 bonus to AC for each blade affected by this command. You cannot be flanked while at least one blade defends you.

Sentry: Desired blades perform the Shield command on a creature within 100 feet of you.

Withdraw: Desired blades return to the Blademaster Glove.

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