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Weapon (any sword), rare (+1), very rare (+2) (can only be attuned by a creature of non-evil alignment)

A Blade of Evil Smiting is a magical blade of supernatural origins, often crafted and blessed by a particular deity of a Good alignment to combat against the forces of evil. You have a bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. The bonus depends on the rarity of the Blade of Evil Smiting.

Detect Evil: The Blade of Evil Smiting magically glows in the presence of evil. When a creature of an Evil alignment is within 100 ft of it, the Blade of Evil Smiting magically emits dim light up to 10ft. When the creature is within 50 ft, the blade instead emits bright light up to 10 ft and dim light for an additional 10 ft. This property is in effect regardless if the wielder is attuned to the blade or not.

Smite Evil: The Blade of Evil Smiting is quick to destroy all evil. When you make an attack roll on a creature of Evil alignment, you have advantage on the attack roll. If the attack on the creature hits, the creature takes an additional 1d8 radiant damage.

Purge Evil: A property that only exists on a Blade of Evil Smiting with a rarity of very rare. Using an action, you create a magical wave of destructive radiance centered on yourself. The wave extends up to 30 ft in all directions around you. All creatures of Evil alignment within this space must make a Wisdom saving throw of DC 12 + your proficiency modifier. On a failure, a creature takes 10d6 radiant damage or half that much on a success.

This property is only usable once per day. You regain a use of this property at the start of the next sunrise.

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