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Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This relatively simple bag weights 2lb and has a overflowing backpack logo prominently displayed on its front with the words "Bella's Bag of Bits and Bobs" displayed over it. Inside lies numerous small trinkets and many other types of magical items that "are said" to be able to help adventures in any situation.

Bits & Bobs Only. Any item from Bella's Bag of Bits and Bobs may be pulled out of the bag or put back into the bag by whoever is attuned to it. Also, whenever any other item or creature besides the attuned attempts to enter the bag or remove an item from the bag, they find themselves unable to.

One At A Time. Bella's Bag of Bits and Bobs is said to be able to help in any situation, however in truth, the bag is a bit limited. If the user attempts to pull an item out of the bag while another item from Bella's Bag of Bits and Bobs is outside the bag, they will find themselves unable to take another item out of the bag. Plus, if the wielder of this bag loses attunement to the bag, any item found outside the bag teleports back inside.

Optional Rule: Giving Out Individual Items: Just because the items in Bella's Bag of Bits and Bobs all come in a set, doesn't mean that you have to use the entire item. DM's may opt to instead give out the items listed here as individual rewards for low level PC's since the all items are all around the Common or Uncommon rarity power level. That way, DM's can give their players the minor magical items that they believe would best suit their pcs.

Item Number Item Name Effect
1 Displacer Gloves While the attuned is wearing these gloves and is within 5ft of a creature, as a bonus action, they may teleport to any other unoccupied place within 5ft of that creature. The displacer gloves may use this effect once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
2 Sound Stone As an bonus action, you may transform the sound stone into an instrument of your choice for 10 minutes. During this time, you are considered to be proficient with this instrument and you may add your proficiency bonus to any Charisma (Performance) checks you make with the instrument even if you are not proficient in with the Performance skill. The sound stone may use this effect once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
3 Unbreakable Stone As an action, you may place the unbreakable stone against a non-creature object that fits in a 5ft by 5ft square. The object becomes immune to all damage for 1 minute. The unbreakable stone may use this effect once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
4 Miniature Carriage As an action, the attuned may turn the miniature carriage into a big carriage or back into a miniature carriage if there are no creatures or objects preventing it from becoming small again inside of the carriage. The carriage can hold 6 Medium sized creatures and using magic, travels in a direction of the attuned's choice at 4 miles per hour or at a speed of 40 feet per turn.
5 Totem of The Eagle As an action, you may yell "fly" in a language of your choosing and a large pair of eagle wings appear on your back. These wings provide you with a 60 foot flying speed and last until the end of your next turn. The totem of the eagle may use this effect once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
6 Fluid Knife A knife that can be transformed as a bonus action into a pair of shears, scissors, a razor, or any other bladed object that weighs 1lb or less.
7 Bottle of Endless Water The bottle of endless water allows the attuned to drink however much water they wish from the bottle, and strangely the water itself doesn't spill out of the bottle when held upside down. Another creature may drink the water from the bottle, but after they do, the bottle will not produce water again until the next dawn.
8 Bella's Piggy Bank of Ultimate Conversion This (color & description) piggy bank allows for the conversion of one kind of currency to another whenever a piece of coinage is put into it. However, the piggy bank can only convert gold pieces, silver pieces, and copper pieces put into the bank with other gold pieces, silver pieces, and copper pieces. All other types of coinage that are put into the bank are rejected. The bank will accept up to 1,000 pieces of currency every day and it resets the amount of currency it can accept every day at dawn.
9 Handheld Makeup Kit This never ending makeup kit beatifies those it is applied to. When applied to a creature as an action, it removes all blemishes from the skin and gives them an aura of elegance. For the next hour, other's impression of the creature who has the handheld makeup kit applied is at least neutral. Also, on your first Charisma (Persuasion) check against a creature or group of creature's who can see you during this hour, if you roll a 9 or lower on the d20 roll, you can treat it as if it was a 10. The handheld makeup kit can be applied once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
10 Marble of Creature Detection This clear marble contains a swirling grey pattern inside, and when activated changes color to correspond to whatever creature type you chose. As an action, the attuned may speak a creature type into the marble, then place it on the ground. The marble then rolls to the closest creature of that type within 120 feet of it at 1mph(10ft/turn) ignoring gravity until it reaches the creature, something impedes its progress, or it reaches the creature. If no creature of the given type is within range, the marble flashes for a moment then become inactive. The marble of creature detection may use this effect once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
11 Cure All Potion As an action, this potion can be drunk or administered to a willing creature with 5 feet of you. This potion then cure's the target's disease, cures the poisoned condition, removes one effect reducing the target's hit point maximum or removes any reduction to one of the target's ability scores. The cure all potion, if removed from its vial, becomes inert after 1 minute. The potion may used once and the vial the potion is housed in becomes inert for 3 days, after which a new dose of cure all potion magical appears in the vial.
12 Tinderbox of Wildflames This black tinderbox appears to be made of soot or burnt material, but feels like it is made out of some sort of smooth metal that is slightly hot to the touch. While holding the tinderbox, you may cast the create bonfire (spell save DC 16) spell as an action.
13 Monocle of Detection While worn by the attuned, this monocle allows them to cast either the detect magic or identify spell without needing material components. The monocle of detection may use this effect once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.
14 Boots of Swiftness While wearing these boots, one may take the Dash action as a bonus action.
15 Expandable Sack This mundane looking sack is adorned with Bella's backpack logo in the front and it is said that this sack can hold more than even a bag of holding. When pulled out of Bella's bag, the sack itself appears normal and only expands to fit whatever is put into it within reason. The sack itself can hold up to 128 cubic feet of material and will not break no matter how much weight is put inside it.(Warning: The expandable sack does not decrease the weight of items put into it like the oh so fancy bag of holding, so don't put too much into it unless you want to try and figure out how to move an 1,000lb sack. In addition, if items are in the expandable sack when someone attempts to put it back into Bella's bag of bits and bobs, Bella is not responsible for what happens to the individual who attempts such an act.)
16 Book of Common Translations When words in Common are written into this book by the attuned, the attuned may choose to have those words translated into any of the following languages: Dwarvish, Elvish, Giant, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, or Orc.
17 Magical Orb When held, this dark blue magical orb enhances all magic cast through it granting the holder a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls, and their spell save DC increases by 1.
18 Expandable Pole This 5 foot long pole appears like a mundane pole except for a small inscription found on the top stating "only the foolish go adventuring without a 10 foot pole". When the attuned is holding the pole, as a bonus action they make say the word "expand" and the top end pole expands 5 feet or "retract" and the top end of the pole retracts 5 feet. The pole can expand up to 30 feet and can not retract to be less than 5 feet.
19 Whistle of Notification This ordinary whistle makes no noise when blown into. However, the attuned may press the whistle against a creature and with their permission, link themselves with the whistle. While linked, whenever the whistle is blown, the linked creature hears a loud whistle as long as they are on the same plane as the whistle. The attuned or the linked creature may use their action to break this link at any time.
20 Medical Kit This medical kit contains bandages and other items used to treat wounds that magical reappear in the kit overnight. A creature may use the medical kit on another creature as an action, healing them for 1d4 + 1 hit points. The medical kit may be used this way once and it regains use of this effect at dawn.

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