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Beads of the Tarantula[edit]

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

A beautiful beaded bracelet worn on the wrist and coupled to a ring. Houses a jewel of hardened sap, encasing the tore legs of a spider.

A ring of hardened sap


  • The ring remains inert if the creature's Strength is 17 or higher without it.
  • As a Set Piece, the ring's Doppleganger must be worn (on each hand) for the magic to take effect.
  • It starts as a single ring. A creature must put the ring on the ring finger. It will not activate any other way.

When Activated

  • You gain advantage on grapple and escape checks.
  • You have a climbing speed equal to your walking speed.
  • Your Strength score is 17 while wearing both bracelets.
  • Transferring an item from one hand to another is a Free Action.
  • You may stow or retrieve a stowed (none weapon) item as a Free Action.

Venom Curse: Upon meeting the requirements, and when worn correctly, the ring sprouts fangs that bite into the wearer's palm, causing venom to seep into their veins. The creature must Attune to the ring and fashion its duplicate within the next forty-eight hours. Failure to duplicate, or remove the curse, or remove the ring, will result in 1d10 acid damage every hour. After twenty-four hours, the arm withers from the body and painfully atrophies.

Symbiotic Nature: The ring(s) cannot be removed while a creature is cursed, nor can the user voluntarily end the attunement. If targeted by a spell that ends a curse, the Doppelganger (along with the Beads) shatters, the attunement ends, and the ring can be removed.


To attune to this ring, and avoid death or atrophy, the cursed creature must attune to it for four hours. To gain its magical benefits, the creature must then spend an additional twenty-four hours meditating to craft the Beads and the Doppelganger, which must be worn in one minute of its creation. This duplicate is destroyed (crumbles) once separated from the original.

If the arm is severed, the spell effects are negated, and the duplicate is destroyed. If still attuned, with no duplicate, the creature must fashion another within twenty-four hours. During the re-attunement process, the wearer is bound in a dream-like stupor for the duration.

Arms of Tarantula

Wearing the Ring (with beads)

As an Action, the Attuned Creature sprouts two sets of arms that function as normal arms would. These hands can manipulate an object effortlessly and can hold items. While natural to the user, it is due to their magical nature that they do not possess the ability to deploy magic items, nor can they effectively brandish weapons or shields in combat.


The arms resemble your own arms and hands, in function, tone, and skin color. You just have six of them now. You can move them, feel them, touch with them, touch them. The extra appendages are ornately drawn with ink, ranging in pigments of earth, to pastel. An Arcane, History, or Medicine check will reveal different aspects of their nature. Knowledge in Abyssal transcript is required to read, copy, and understand the context.


The arms cannot effectively wield weapons on their own, nor do they possess the coordination for unarmed strikes. Conversely, if a creature decides to use the Attack Action, with a weapon, some additional leverage and maneuverability will allow the creature to effectively strike twice. If the wearer possesses a Skill that allows one extra attack, they can use a bonus action to attack a third time.

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