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Weapon (rapier), legendary (requires attunement by a creature of neutral alignment)

Named after the angel of death Azrael, from the Hebrew Bible. Upon attuning to this weapon, the blade of what once looked like an average rapier will be engulfed in a small orange-red flame. The flame will remain unlit while sheathed; upon being fully unsheathed the flame will ignite, even while underwater. This sword deals 1d8 piercing damage, with an additional 1d8 fire damage. The user must be of neutral alignment due to the fact that death comes for everyone eventually. The number of these that exist is determined by the Dungeon Master.

Divine Fire - If the deity that the wielder of this sword servers is pleased by the actions of this weapon's user; the deity may grant this sword a divine flame. This boosts the damage output by an additional 1d8 fire damage (base damage is now 1d8 piercing + 2d8 fire). While boosted the flame becomes blue. Only the deity who blessed this word with this bonus can remove it. A wish spell can be used to remove the bonus but cannot be used to grant it. The bonus is not retained if the current user dies, losses the sword or gives the sword away.

Dim Light - While this sword is drawn, the flame gives off a dim light for 20 feet; 30 feet for a divine flame. Dim light becomes bright light and darkness becomes dim light. All creatures within the circle of light can see to the edge of the illuminated area.

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