Azkre's Arcane Sniper Rifle (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Adamantine Sniper Rifle), Legendary (requires attunement)

Created at a time where firearms were the newest invention, where exploiting the properties of gunpowder created unexpected amounts of damage, the infamous wizard Azkre decided to modify it to his own accord. The sniper rifle was created from the highest quility adamantine and enchanted with the most powerful spells Azkre knew. The rifle looks normal other than the fact it is always clean. In dark lighting, a slight arctic blue glow can be seen emitting from the weapon.

It has a range of 150/700.

You gain the following advantages only if you are proficient with firearms. You gain a +3 bonus to your attack and damage rolls. It takes 1 action to reload and misfires when a d20 attack roll is 5 or less. To fix a misfire, you must first make a tinker's tool check. Then, if you are successful, you make an arcana check. The DC for both is 20. On a fail, the weapon must be fixed by an Artificer. On a save, the weapon is fixed and takes your entire action. When you hit a creature, you deal 5d12+27 force damage.

Every time you roll a crit on an attack, you can do one of the following:

Pure Lethality. You can try to target the creature's killzone. Target creature the target must make a DEX save. On a fail, a target takes double critical damage + (your level x 10) necrotic, ignoring immunity but not resistance. If target creature's HP is your level x 10 or lower, the target is instantly dead. On a fail, the fired cartridge turns pure black and rips through the creature. On a save, a target creature takes no damage and you weapon misfires, it's enchantment backfiring to deal 6d8 force and 5d4 necrotic to you. Save DC is your level plus your CON modifier.

Consecutive Death. You can try to shoot through multiple target creatures with one shot as long as they are in a line. Attack first creature as normal, every creature behind the first attack with dasadvantage -5 per additional creature. All hit creatures take critical damage.

Arcane Destruction. You can add an additional 5d6 force damage. The target creature must make a CON save. Save DC is your CON modifier + your proficiency bonus + 8. On a fail, the fired cartridge glows a blinding blue and sheers through the target. On a save, they take half damage from force.

Psychic Disturbance. You can try to frighten your enemy. The target creature has to make a WIS save. Save DC is you INT modifier + 15. On a fail, the target creature takes 4d6 psychic and is incapacitated or frightned on its next turn. On a save target creature takes half psychic damage and no force.

Azkre's Wrath You can add an additional 1d12 ice and 3d12 cold. The target creature must make a CON save. Save DC is your CON modifier + your proficiency bonus + 8. On a fail, the fired cartridge doesn't heat up, rather it cools down significantly before hitting the creature. On a save, the rifle's enchantment backfires and deals 1d6 ice and 3d6 cold to you. The weapon has misfired.

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