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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A crescant blood moon, mirrored with a drop of red in between them.
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Night sky, the moon, darkness and reflections, tranquility.
Clergy Alignments: Cannot be good.
Domains: Darkness,Community,Liberation,Trickery,
Favored Weapon: Ransuer
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Aur the goddess of tranquilty, sometimes called Aur the broken, is the goddess of the moon in the NorthSky. She was once a wildly emotional goddess, often disagreeing with her father and always very willful and inattentive to her duties. Her father cursed her and removed all of her emotional instability and replaced it with tranquility. Due to her previous chaotic evil nature she cannot abide good followers but can abide lawful followers.


Tranquility at all costs. Her dogma follows seclusion and the avoiding of aggression when possible. Her followers try to keep the peace and not disturb others while at the same time promoting introspection.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

She has several temples near lakes and rivers. Her clergy tend to wear purple clothes marked with her symbol in certain areas to promote peace. Namely the top of the hood one over each breast (male or female) on the back of the hands, the tops of the feet, over the crotch, and inbetween the shoulder blades. Her clergy tend not to interact with others. They have removed themselves from this world in the persuit of tranquility and only the unimportant members are assigned to keep there halls clean and deal with guests. They tend not to care for any one around them and the only ones allowed to train with weapons are the Hall Guard who protect the sites of her worship and punish those that would disturb the peace.


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