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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A black staff.
Home Plane: The Conquest of Death
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Necromancers, Death, Assassins, Law, Evil, Shadow, Old Age.
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil.
Domains: Death, Law, Evil, Darkness.
Favored Weapon: A quarterstaff called Shadowstrike.
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Atolnar is the son of Utiolth and Ashana, and is revered by many as the god of death, assassins, evil and necromancers. He dwells in the Conquest of Death, in the Palace of the Deadlord, contained within the Dead City. His Avatar is an old man with a staff, impossibly aged and hooded in a black clock.


Raise the dead, but bring others to death. Assassinate the kings, unleash the Dead on the mewling commoners. Hail the Deadlord!

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Shrines to Atolnar are usually in crypts and tombs, the cultists making sure to desecrate the land of the graveyards where they dwell. The clergy of Atolnar often multiclass as rogues or necromancers, to hold up their deity's commands and obsessions. The chief goal of Atolnar is to bring about an empire of death, similar to Kumlichar, but devoted solely to him, to allow him to become a Greater God. May they never achieve this goal.

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