Assassin's Handcrossbow (4e Equipment)

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Assassin's Handcrossbow

Martial Ranged Weapons

One-Handed Weapon

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Assassin's Handcrossbow +3 1d6 12/24 80gp 2.5 lb. Crossbow Load Free*, High Crit

This hand-crossbow is composed by an experienced craftsman. It has been designed to provide the maximum precision and power while still remaining a silent and deadly weapon. However, its increased weight and power require a reasonable amount of training to master, more than a conventional crossbow or hand-crossbow.

The Assassin's Hand-crossbow fits a rectangular magazine, similar to that of the Repeating Hand-crossbow. A magazine costs 1gp and contains 5 bolts. A standard action is used to replace an empty magazine with a new one.

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