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Armored Steam Wagon[edit]

Cost: 30,790 gp
Speed: 10 mph
Carrying Capacity: Cargo 4 tons.

A wagon with adamantine plating over a wooden frame, powered by two single-cylinder steam engine. It has an AC of 23 from any facing, and the crew have three-quarters cover. It is 35' long and 10' wide, weighs 10 tons when laden or 5 tons when empty. It can travel at a speed of 10 mph (80 feet) on road. It moves poorly off-road, travelling at 2 mph (15 feet) and treating difficult terrain as obstructions.

The coal bunker holds 2,000 lbs of coal (worth 40 gp). For each 100 lbs of coal consumed, the engine operates for 1 hour. In addition, the engine's fireboxes can be filled with coal at the start of a journey, operating the engines for 2 hours. It takes 30 minutes to heat the engine up to operating pressure from a cold start.

Size: Huge
AC: 23
Hit Points: 170 (damage threshold 5)
Crew and Passengers: 1 driver, 1 stoker, 1 passenger


This vehicle was created using the Vehicle Construction Kit.[1] These are the component slots. Quick rules: If the vehicle takes 17 or more damage in a single attack, one component is disabled. If the vehicle takes 85 or more damage in a single attack, one component is destroyed and an adjacent component is disabled. Disabled components that are disabled again are instead destroyed.

The "adamantine-plated wood structure" component consists of two-parts wood and one-part adamantine plating, providing AC 23 and 8 Structure Points.

Slot Component
1 Adamantine-plated wood structure (front)
2 Helm
3-4 Simple Steam Engine [+0.5 Power Points]
5 Seating (2 utilitarian)
6-7 Simple Steam Engine [+0.5 Power Points]
8-9 Coal Bunker (1 ton)
10 Adamantine-plated wood structure (center)
11-18 Cargo hold (4 tons)
19 Wheel drivetrain (renaissance) [-1 Power Point]
20 Adamantine-plated wood structure (rear)

The armored steam wagon has a Dexterity of 8.

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