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Power Armor Mods/Variants[edit]

When you modify power armor you can choose one head, chest, and Exterior and 2 arm and leg mods/Variants


Rad Scrubbers
Sensor Array
VATS Matrix Overlay
Internal Database
Recon Sensors
Targeting HUD
Bright Headlamp


Core Assembly
Blood Cleanser
Emergency Protocols
Motion-Assist Servos
Kinetic Dynamo
Medic Pump
Reactive Plates
Stealth Unit
Tesla Coils
Jet Pack


Rusty Knuckles
Hydraulic Bracers
Optimized Bracers
Tesla Bracers


Calibrated Shocks
Optimized Servos
Overdrive Servos
Kinetic Servos
Explosive Vent


Lead Plating
Photovoltaic Coating
Winterized Coating
Prism Shielding
Explosive Shielding
Thermal Coating

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