Archery Champion (5e Feat)

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Archery Champion

Prerequisites: Dexterity 15
You have triumphed in countless contests of archery and have learned to use your bow to its fullest.

  • +1 Dexterity
  • If you have advantage while making a ranged attack, add your Strength modifier to the attack and damage roll.
  • You have learned to use your bow during acrobatic maneuvers and can make one attack as a reaction during an Acrobatics check.
  • You can attempt to intercept an opponent's projectile with one of your own. As a reaction, when a creature you can see makes a ranged attack, you can make an attack against the opponent's projectile. The projectiles AC is equal to the opponent's attack roll + 5. On a hit, the opponent's attack misses. If you roll a natural 20 on your attack, you make an attack against the opponent that made the shot.

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