Animate Plants (5e Spell)

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Animate Plants
7th-level transmutation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Self (30-foot radius)
Components: V
Duration: Concentration, up to 4 hours

You imbue inanimate plants with mobility and a semblance of life. You target up to two Huge, four Large or eight Medium or smaller plants. Each animated plant then immediately attacks whomever or whatever you initially designate as though it were an animated object similar to the animate objects spell of the appropriate size category. You can command the plants to move or attack with a bonus action. While in combat, the plants act on your initiative.
Alternatively, you may imbue all plants within range with a degree of mobility, which allows them to entwine around creatures in the area. This usage of the spell duplicates the effect of an entangle spell. This effect lasts the duration, until dispelled or until dismissed with a bonus action.
Animate plants cannot affect plant creatures, nor does it affect nonliving vegetable material.

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