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Anauel, The Light of Lights[edit]

Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Conviction, Tenacity
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Annauel, also known as The Light of Lights, The Unyielding Will, The Immovable Protector of Purity and The First Horned Invicta, is a lesser diety of conviction, tenacity and protection of purity. She originally was an invicta, but ascended after massive worship that she recieved after many deeds she accomplished. Mainly worshipped by invictas throught the multiverse, she had never turned down anyone praying to her with pure intentions, introducing to clergy even representants of barbaric races, if the call of individual was justified, and it's will persistent enough.


Anauel was a normal invicta, 7th or 8th generation after their first creation at the hands of Casimir Lovataar. It was already known that invicta's genes were prone to minor mutations, and it was only mildly uncommon that Anauel was born with a pair of long, black horns. Through ages she travelled with her family, and was known to be a paragon of justice, even among her people, and her stubbornness was legendary - she never gave in when something went against her expectations, which paired with her intelligence was a killler combination, resulting in her outpacing everyone around, both in skill and martial prowess.

One day, when her clan was travelling between planes, something unexpected happen - their portals were distorted, and they were thrown into a dread domain. Putrid land, filled with odor of evil and corruption, was probably the last place where an invicta could ever hope to be. Yet no way of running away from there was possible, all magic failed miserably, and progressively worse actions were taken to just survive. Situation was hopeless for everyone, except Anauel. She was wondering why this happened, for what reason. She deduced this was no accident, something must have interviened. Someone who probably watches them even now. Using powerful magic, she unveiled an arcane eye observing them, and copied the way the eye was sending out information to let her people leave this hellscape. After that, words spread about what transpired, and that someone was trying to directly harm thousands of invictas, and turn them into distorted abomination of what they were. Fame and respect for Anauel was widespread among invictas, all the while she was preparing for finding the culprits.

Years later, Anauel led thousands of her brethren into Hades, to destroy a coven of ancient night hags, which were found guilty of previous crime. On many different planes, tens of thousands of invictas prayed for Anauel's victory, for her legendary tenacity, for her undying conviction in what is right, for her goal to protect the innocence and purity of her people. There, with help from Casimir Lovataar she ascended, and joined Casimir as a lesse power, destroying what remained of fiends that wronged her. After that, she started showing her influence, blessing any horned invicta with her tenacity.


Unyielding. Art by [sishenfan]

After attaining godhood, Anauel transformed; her horns grew long and slim, her hair weathered and became pale, but her wings underwent the most prominent change - her bone wings fell off, and two more pair of angelic wings sprouted from her back, making her posture heavily imposing, despite her slim body. She carries with herself her trusty spear, adorned with two wings, which became a symbol of her church.

Her domain is directly connected to the one of Casimir, being a massive floating mountain between the two layers on the Twin Paradises of Bytopia. Her is a smaller city shaped like a spear, that orbit great mountain. Many invictas live here, mostly those that undergo hard trainings under the tutorage of present masters, hoping to live up to their dreams, and asking Anauel for steel of character needed to do so. This is also the only place where more than one inflamed invictas can be seen; Anauel personally sees to make this place feel like home for them, as she have great compassion for them, and pity for their choice.

Most of her worshipers are of course invicta, but many different species are also known to worship her. Even a number of dragons, which are known to hardly ever actively worship the divine, are found amongst her followers. She provides her clerics with power only if for the past one year they were true to overall good aligned agenda. If you make a mistake, or are subjected to a moment of weakness, she does not cast you away, you can always remain her follower and be granted power, but it is fairy common for her to test her clergy in secret ways. Most of her tests include lenghty processes, that are indeed strongly reflect on someone, like for example knowing that in this bag of rice, used to make a meal for many, is only one white shard of glass, so without hours spent on searcing you cannot be sure that it is risk-free. Or a one where someone is stranded on an island below you when you fly, and helping the person will take hours upon hours of flight. Usually, there are no consequences for failing her tests, but only if your skill or strength wiould prove to be at fault. Someone, who abandons her trial out of laziness or neglect is sublected to hard scolding, and sometimes results in lost of power, or some form of outcast.


While Casimir Lovataar represents raw power, genius intellect and unprecedented moral compass, Anauel is seen as a power of unyielding will, and great compassion. Many times the two argue, usually regarding making decisions, arising from their different experiences that built their beliefs. Anauel claims that anyone can change, and given enough time and hard work any and all can become a good, remorseful creature, so each possibility for self-betterment should be given to those that ask for it. While Casimir agrees for the most part with this idelogy, as he himself is generous in regard of help in self-betterment and converting to good, he gives one chance, maybe more if circumstances were right, but if someone betrays his trust, he will not hesitate to end the life of offender. Despite this, Anauel respects Casimir greatly, he is her god creator after all, and she comes from very early generations of invicta, that were more direct in their interactions with their god, making them more religious and grateful.

Anauel loves spending time journeying to other planes of existence, a liking she developed in her childhood. Her most liked place are the Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia, where she spends almost half of her time, climbing the mountain ever higher. In her long time she climbed all the way to the Jovar, 6th heaven, and now still climbs, hoping to reach Chronias, the 7th and final layer, although it will propably take her a lot of time, in account of her other responsibilities. She also likes to return to lower layer, guiding others up. Her most beloved activity hoever, is finding Bahamut's Palace, and challenging the god of dragons to a sky race - one she is yet to win, but her temper propably will see to it. Eventually.

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