Anakes-town, Setville, and Washmire (City-States In Chaos Supplement)

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Tielfling’s Anakes-town, Setville, and Washmire

Symbol: White Quarter Moon over Red Triangle

Anakes-town, Setville, and Washmire are Tiefling towns. The three Tiefling towns are connected in a Zionist passion for cultural purity and rebuilding the ancient Tiefling Empire (Chi-han-sis).

In the First Epoch, over 5,000 years ago, Tiefling Kingdom of Chi-han-sis is a coastal plain empire on the west coast. Its capital city of Sawhaj sits on the coast with a road to the south to the city of Akhmim, a road to the north to Tallah, and a road along the coast going north-west to the city of Bani. Chi-han-sis fights on three fronts with Hydrasaeu (Dragonborn kingdom), Theaven (Elven kingdom), and Umerikah (Human kingdom).

In the First Epoch, In the Dragon Year of 1463, Tiefling Empire is almost destroyed when it defeats the Dragonborn Empire; gaining the western mountain region in a loose hold. The Dwarven Empire of Dwagoold is in the north-east and has its capital city of Bamberg. The Dwarves betrayed an alliance to defeat the great Tiefling Empire. In the Dragon Year of 1522, in the Battle of the Brown Hills, the Dwagoold army completely defeats the Kingdom of Chi-hansis.

Anakes-town City

Setville City

Washmire City

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