Airship, Gasbag and Sail (5e Equipment)

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Cost: 41,200 gp
Speed: Fly 50 feet (5 mph); ascend/descend 50 feet per round.
Carrying Capacity: Cargo 12 0.5 ½ tons

This ship uses a gasbag of hydrogen and a set of sails to travel through the air. It has cabins for 10 passengers to travel for long voyages in comfort. It has an AC of 13 across the hull, but the gasbag's AC is 11 (and flammable!). Dimensions are 65' length, 20' beam, 3 decks

Economy Variant

The airship can replace its passenger cabins with bunkrooms. This allows for 20 passengers to travel in more cramped conditions.

Airship from Final Fantasy (Source)

Size. Gargantuan
AC. 11
Hit Points. 300
Damage Threshold 10
Crew and Passengers. 4 rigging, 2 pilots, 1 bridge crew, 1 steward, 1 captain

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