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Adventuring Gear[edit]

Cat do not have thumbs or use tools but that will not stop them from creating primitive gear.

Storage, bags, and backpack[edit]

Cats do not wear clothes nor have backpack or pockets to store items. There are methods to carry goods across long distances.


The most popular method to carry things is using the mouth. This is like humans with their hands.

Clutching under the chin will allow the object to remain dry and keep the ability to speak (badly). With two or more cats, it is possible to drag a big object, like another cat, between them.

Kittypets (a subrace of Warrior Cat) could carry small objects easier by tucking objects between the collar and the neck. It is very small, and depending on the owner, it could have almost no room.


A pouch made from a large leaf. When left alone or without any weight on top of it, it automatic opens up. It only closes when a heavy object is on top of it or when being carried. The bundle is still carried by the mouth. This is useful to carry medicine or items that cannot get wet.


It is a Bundle tied with a vine or young weed. It can be worn around the neck to free the mouth for talking. It may be uncomfortably worn around the torso (disadvantage on all dexterity ability checks and saves). It takes 10 minutes to tie or untie the “rope” of the necklace to free the bundle. This is great for medium or long distance trips.

Sled (uncommon magic item)[edit]

A large bark tied to sturdy vines. Sleds are not cheap due to the difficulty to find a suitable bark and the lengthy process of finding and tying in sturdy vines. Sleds are often single use or worn out after a few uses. They are built for base moving or emergency transport of injured or sick cats.

Baggage (common magic item)[edit]

This incredibly expensive item is built for one thing and one thing only, to carry a massive amount of items. Baggage is made of two parts; “saddle” and the pouches. Both are made of a rare massive leaf that grows once every 5 years. The “saddle” is wrapped around the cat’s torso to provide support. The large pouches are tied to the “saddle” and used for a great amount of storage. When used, the pouches hang on the side of the cat. Most clans have one or two Baggage.

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