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Adventure Prompts[edit]

The following are ideas for adventures or quests within the Shinobi World that do not overlap with canonical arcs from Naruto.

D-Rank Missions[edit]

D-Rank missions are assigned mainly to young genin recently graduated from the academy, normally by workers, merchants and other civillians. These missions present little to no threat to the genin, rarely leaving village territory and never involving real combat, and exist so that they may develop practical shinobi skills, wheter physical, mental or social.

  • The party is hired to deliver mail to specific VIPs around the village in a short amount of time. (Local administrative/municipal infrastructure familiarization)
  • A representant of a well-known merchant guild has come to the village to discuss business, and hires the party to "distract" their rebel 12-year-old child. (Patience, leadership and discipline)
  • The party is hired to fill up as casino personnel. (Manual dexterity, observational skills, social skills)
  • Unskilled, lightly dangerous heavy labour, such as construction or quarryworking, needs extra hands. (Physical training)
  • A craftsman has reasons to think his spouse is cheating on him, and hires the party to gather proof. (Stealth and spying skills, such as eavesdropping)
  • After the lastest exams, the village training fields are in need of maintenance, and the party's team number is drawn. (Trap detection. Some crime scene investigation and observational skills.)

C-Rank Missions[edit]

C-Rank Missions are assigned to new chunin or to high-performing genin, normally by the village itself or wealthy civillians, such as high-ranking guild members. These missions present mild danger and possibility of combat with non-shinobi (thugs and dangerous animals), and tend to take place outside of the village.

  • Recently, a prison break in a minor city has left the regular lawmen overworked and undermanned. The party is hired and given a list of criminals who haven't been rounded up yet, detailling their known haunts and associates. The criminals have no chakra control nor any ninja/samurai training, but still tough and dangerous.
  • Aimless, old, disgraced samurai has been making a name for himself as he wanders from small town to small town, stirring up trouble, terrorizing locals into providing him free room and board under threat of his sword, stealing and being a general threat to the towns' wellbeing. The villagers pooled some money to hire the party, asking them to get rid of the disgraced samurai.
  • A peaceful fishing town has recently become a hub for organized criminal activity as they smuggle opium and other black market products into the mainland and ship it all over the rest of the country. The town chief discreetly slips a message to the party's village, promissing payment if a group of shinobi manages to rid the town of the criminals.

Other prompts[edit]

  • The party has just graduated from the academy within any village that is not the Hidden Mist Village between the reigns of the 2nd and 5th Mizukage! They must attempt to best their new squad leader in a test of their choice, most often a test to keep a bell away from them (done as a Dexterity save against their Jutsu save DC). However, the test is not about beating their Jonin, as doing so is almost impossible for 1st level genin, but to display their ability to work together.
  • The party is at their academy graduation ceremony in the the Hidden Mist Village between the reigns of the 2nd and 5th Mizukage. They must fight another genin or academy student to the death to graduate.
  • The party's village has become embroiled in a war. Depending on the nature of the war, they must either defend various locations in their country, occasionally needing to split the party, from legions of opposing forces; or become the opposing force themselves. Jinchuriki and specialized shinobi are common occurrences in this adventure, but should only be fought after a handful of fights with normal shinobi.
  • News is spreading, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist are separating. The players must track them down individually, assassinating them one-by-one while dodging the warmongering eyes of the Hidden Mist Village.
  • The party have been assigned to operate covertly in another nation during peacetime. This can be anywhere from freeing a comrade, to stealing information on the nation's tailed beasts or kekkei genkai, to assassinating a kage. Either failure or success is likely to start a full blown war.
  • The party is a group of members from a single clan during the waring states period. They must fight to survive in this harsh environment, perhaps even forming the first Hidden Village in their own image.



Shinobi complete objectives as missions, being paid a general base amount upon completion. Each mission rank is limited to a certain rank of shinobi, generalized as a certain party level at which they would reliably be able to succeed with minimal injury.

Rank Level Cost
D-Rank 1-3 5,000-50,000 ryō.
C-Rank 3-10 30,000-100,000 ryō.
B-Rank 10-15 150,000-200,000 ryō.
A-Rank 15-18 250,000-1,000,000 ryō.
S-Rank 19-20 +1,000,000 ryō.

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