Abhorrent Mutation (5e Feat)

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Design Note: This feat is an 5e adaptation from the Abhorrent (4e Feat) Farspawn racial feat.

Abhorrent Mutation

Prerequisites: Farspawn, Half-Farspawn, Aberrant Bloodline, Great Old One pact / Dark One pact, other relation to aberrations
Either through random self-evolution or through the blessing (... or curse) of the Ruinious Powers your serve, your bodily form has mutated into a hardier, if more alien, form.

  • Increase your Aberrant Ability Score by one, to a maximum of 20. If you do not have an Aberrant Ability Score, number your attributes 1 to 6 and roll 1d6. You gain one point to the attribute rolled.
  • Roll 1d12 on the Farspawn Abhorrent Form table. You gain the rolled feature as a benefit. If you already have said feature, roll again.

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