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The World of Darenfell is diverse in it's weaponry, and different cultures have developed different styles of hand-to-hand combat, whether it be a spear, different breeds of longsword, or different kinds of axes and blunt weapons, close quarters combat is prominent in the world.


A simple dagger. You probably won't impress or intimidate anybody with it, but it's better than nothing.

Damage: 1d4 Piercing

Stat Requirement: Dex. 6; Str. 4


If someone sees you wielding this, they go, "Now, that is a man. To wield a sword so large..."

Damage: 2d6 Slashin

Stat Requirement: Dex. 10; Str. 14


A Club is a simple weapon, and anything really can be classified as a club. A stick, for example. Not the best but... He, better than nothing-- and surely better than a dagger...

Damage: 1d6 Bludgeoning

Stat Requirement: Dex. 7; Str. 8


The flail is an uncommonly seen weapon, for it is a very hard weapon to master. Don't knock your own head off now, dear.

Precise Training: If the user of a flail is not proficient with flails, they roll with disadvantage. On a roll of five or less, they hit themself or a nearby ally with the flail.

Damage: 1d6 + 2 Bludgeoning

Stat Requirement: Dex. 12; Str 10


A massive axe, for a massive man-- well, I assume it's for a man. I suppose anyone could wield it, really...

Damage: 2d6 Slashing; 2 Bludgeoning

Stat Requirement: Dex 10; Str. 12


A club-- but bigger. Careful with this one, people that use 'em tend to be huggers.

Crushing Blows: This weapon may crit on a roll of 19 - 20

Damage: 1d8 Bludgeoning


A form of shortsword, with a blade perfect for stabbing and slashing.

Firm Awakening: Whenever you attack with the gladius, if you roll a DC 16 - 20, you make an additional unarmed attack dealing 1d4 unarmed damage.

Damage: 1d6 Piercing

Stat Requirement: Dex. 10; Str. 6


Justice comes at a cost. Those who are trained in that cost wield the Halberd, in all it's righteous fury.

Blind Justice: While wielding the Halberd, you may, whenever you are attacked, make an attack against the enemy who attacked you for 1d4 damage.

Damage: 2d6 Bludgeoning

Stat Requirement: Str. 14; Dex. 12









Material Modifiers[edit]

Material Active Effect Passive Effect
Cold Forged Steel Icy Pulse: See active abilities here. +2 Attack
Shadow Forged Steel Darkness: See active abilities here. +2 Attack
Molten Heart Steel Ignite: See active abilities here. +1 Attack
Oakenforged Steel Oakenform: See active abilities here. +1 Attack

Common Magical Properties[edit]

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