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Appalachia is rife with stereotypes, so if you are politically correct, you are not going to enjoy this campaign. None-the-less try to avoid egregious racism when running and playing this campaign. The humans are under attack from all sides and so they tend to band together and care much less about skin color than humans in our world do.


Firearms exist. The Turks (ogres) invented gunpowder, the cannon, and the arquebus. Ogres are not terribly magical, so they needed something to even the playing field. Firearms and cannon did more than just even the playing field and until other races learned their secrets, ogres were able to build a quite substantial empire which they still rule.

Here is a list of firearms available to humans, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings:

  1. Arquebus
  2. Blunderbuss
  3. Flintlock Pistol
  4. Handcannon
  5. Heavy Cannon
  6. Pepperbox
  7. Rifle, Variant
  8. Sniper Rifle


  • Cotton Gin - A highly addictive drink invented by halfling artificers made from cotton.
  • Moonshine - A highly alcoholic drink invented by halfling artificers made from wheat.
  • Pipeweed - A highly affecting pipe weed invented by halfling artificers made from hemp.
  • Tobacco - A highly toxic pipe weed discovered being used by the Elven Indians and enhanced by halfling artificers and now grown by halfling farmers in central Appalachia.
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