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Multiclass Feats
These are available to a character of any level who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Creature of the Thirst You have the vampirism affliction Mutlticlass vampirism using the vampirism variant rule
Dhampir Dexterity 13 Multiclass Vampire: Skill training, Child of the Night
King of the Jungle Str 15, Cha 13 Multiclass Lioneer: Skill training, roar of the jungle king 1/day.
Postulant Poisoner Dexterity 13 Multiclass Executioner: Skill training, poison use.
Predator of the Wild Str 15, Dex 13 Multiclass Lioneer: Skill training, lion's pelt 1/encounter.
Soldier of Shadow Strength 13, Charisma 13 Multiclass Blackguard: Skill training, shroud of shadow 1/day.
Student of the death Intelligence 13, Charisma 13 You have learned to animate dead and control them.
Warrior of Wrath Strength 13, Dexterity 13 Multiclass slayer: Skill training, bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls 1/encounter
Whelp-Blooded Iejirisk, 4th level
Wyrm-Blooded Iejirisk, 8th level
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