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Name Race Levels Description
Adom bin Jibade Centaur Fighter 2 Centaur bodyguard to Al Mehmed, who receives prophetical visions.
Barry the Underpowered Human Lich Adept 11 The least imposing lich an adventurer will ever meet.
Danzig Nyttafjell
Hev Shamark Human White Guard 7 Hev Shamark. Youngest of four and first son of Kilik Shamark. A native of the Midland's and hero to the Midlandian People. Hev joined the Midlandian Alliance Guild when he turned eighteen. Upon his third assignment Hev single-handedly defeated a Crystal Mountain's Troll, saving a gypsy caravan from certain doom. Ever since Hev's heroic deeds have made him a famous commander of the idealistic Midlandian Alliance Guild.
Hoskuld human fighter 7 Rebel soldier against the empire.
Irons Warforged Fighter 2/Sorcerer 5/Reforged 3 A warforged with a passion for life, he is a businessman, selling his goods across the world from his merchant airship.
Jaida human wizard (diviner) 7 Court seer for King Marak.
Jivens Ulshar Human, Bone Creature Witch(AEG) 1/Expert 9 An insane magical skull who loves to mess with people's minds.
Joel Ardale Human Spell Warper 7 Armed with only a few knives, a swift footed farmer apposes your entry to his farm.
Karass, Guardian of Drake's Hollow Human Sorcerer 2/Phoenix 5 Karass guards the small town of Drake's Hollow from thieves, raiders, and savage humanoids.
Nobility in Western Pansaer Various Various The noble men and women who make up the upper class in the western kingdoms.
Sheogi custom golem barbarian 4 Unique golem created by the mage Joel Minza.
Terren Human Ranger 5/Falconer 2 A nobleman's huntmaster
The Blazonry Guard Undead None A powerful spirit of protection bound into magical armor, which can possess other pieces of armor if need be.
The Hayworth Family
Troll Bodyguard troll fighter 2 Devoted bodyguard to Gnalk, the Orc King.
Ulermo Spiderborn

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