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NPCs CR 11

NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Alexei Vorobev Dwarf paladin 6/Blüdfrost Cavalier 4 Blüdfrost Cavalier
Balthasar Mosler Atlantean barbarian 6/Atlantean Cavalier 4 Atlantean Cavalier
Bamidele Human barbarian 6/Thrallian Cavalier 4 Thrallian Cavalier
Blood Psion Dragonborn Dwarf Psychic Warrior 11 An elite psychic warrior dwarf, known for seemingly draining the life of their enemies.
Casper, Jesper and Jonathan Human Wizard 12/Ranger 11 Three brothers - or two brothers and a fascimile - who have been pushed over the edge.
Koh Lei Ming Human deviant 11 An old, travelworn sage who seeks to understand the world.
Lamaë’an Drow paladin of slaughter 6/spider rider 4 Spider rider servant of Lolth.
Nashib Tigerfeller
Naxremis human Cleric 11 High priest of the Hidden Temple of Hextor
Pudge Human Barbarian 5, Abomination 6 PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
Rasputin Finn Gnome Alchemist 11 An old, wizened gnome, who keeps to his books.
Rodrick Owen Human Commoner 13 Rodrick is an old man, who some of the people of Blueblood come to for advice.
Sherriff Brutus Corpse creature barbarian variant 2/ fighter 8 Renegade undead lawman of the necropolis Epitaph.
Tiberius Petronius Superbus Human barbarian 6/Rendigo Cavalier 4 Rendigo Cavalier.

NPCs with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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