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Character Creation Feats: Feats that can only be taken at character creation, i.e. at 1st level. Some represent an ability that can only be gained by birth, that means it would be "genetic" if that term existed in fantasy. Others represent the characters upbringing and background.

Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Ameliorated Burden Strength 15 Through odd & extreme muscular development, you are able to carry a great deal more than you normally would be able to.
Amphibious 1st level only. You were born capable of breathing and living both on land and in water
Big Brute Ogrillon You bear a stronger resemblance to your ogre parent than your orc parent in size and appearance. Your physical stature lets you function in many ways as if you were one size category larger.
Child of a Blacksmith Level 1 Start with a piece of equipment
Child of the Desert Must have been raised in a desert Life in the desert has toughened you.
Child of the Sea You have inherited the affinity for the sea of an ancestor (perhaps an aquatic elf).
Draconic Bloodline The blood of Dragons truly runs through your veins.
Extra Training 1st level only. You went outside your normal training and learned an additional skill.
High Metabolism Healing Constitution 13, High Metabolism (3.5e Flaw) I feel so much better after that bite to eat.
Inherited Instinct 1st level only, and you must have the Beast Heir template. Gained from your wild blood you have an uncanny level of instinct and insight, that which your mortal heritage cannot compete with.
Life-Learned 1st level only. You draw your skills from your experiences.
Lungs of Steel Through arduous training or birth, you have maximized your ability to hold your breath and thus resist poisonous gas.
Mindspeak Naturally Psionic racial ability Your racial psionic aptitude allows you to communicate through mental contact.
Natural Alchemist 1st level only. You were born with a natural affinity for alchemy.
Natural Immunity 1st level only A useful genetic mutation
Natural Skill 1st level only. You have a natural knack for picking up new abilities. You gain 2 extra skill point per level. This ability stacks with a human's racial ability, giving them a total of three free skill points per level.
Naturally Skilled Non-Human Race, Intelligence less than 9. When you're focused, you're able to set your mind to learning something, even though you aren't all that bright!
Politician You have been a part of noble courts and aristocratic affairs all your life and have gained understandings of the complex political goings on carried out there.
Scion of Legend 1st level only. The stories you grew up on now aid you as you go out to adventure.
Scope Precision Intelligence Must meet either the Class or Racial requirement, Wizard, Sorcerer, or Gray elf, High Elf, Tallfellows Halfling, Wild elf, Winged elf, Wood elf By mastering the timeless secrets of the Faerie Mysteries, You are a intellectual prodigy of Art of Combat Warfare.
Sense of Maturity Middle Age You have learned as you matured.
Silver Spoon You were born into some privilege and your character starts out with a monetary advantage
Steel Skin Must be taken at creation, Con 14 You were born with hardened skin and the ability to shrug off heavy hits.
Stipend You come from a wealthy background.
Talented Invoker 1st level only. You know more invocations than the typical warlock.
Unprecocious Apprentice 1st level wizard You were a nightmare for your mentor. Even though you showed considerable talent, you never seemed to bother with studies and loved to pull pranks instead.
Wedded to History Must be taken at character creation. Born in the distant past, you enjoy a special insight or posses uncanny abilities that distinguish you from those for whom the time of your birth is a best nothing but a few memories passed down through countless generations
Wildborn Blood 1st level Shifter only, and you must have the Beast Heir template. Your mixture of magical beast and lycanthropic blood makes you supernaturally wise and physically gifted while shifting.
Wisdom of Age Old You have learned much as you got older.
Witcher Dexterity 13, Constitution 15, Wisdom 15 Witchers are humans who have been taken in as kids, mutated via an alchemical process and subjected to harsh trials to make them better monster hunters.
Word of Truth 1st level only. You have learned the secret of utterances.
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