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Winged Elves[edit]


Age of Birth

The first Winged Elves originated when a group of elves were mutated by an unknown event. They were not given the wings at first but the mutation caused them to slowly evolve. The first generations only had small wings that could not be used for any real purpose. After a long time though the wings got larger and it allowed them to fly. Once they developed this ability they started to migrate away from other elves and formed a new home in a mountain range in the North of the World.

Age of Unity

The Winged Elves spent thousands of years in the mountains and developed large cities, their own culture and a system of law that kept people safe. They treated other races as they were treated and rarely fought in an extended war. This was considered the Golden Age of the Winged Elves.

Age of Disorder

As we know all good things reach their end at some point. For the Winged Elves it was not a single sudden event but a series of civil conflicts that would prove to tear their kingdom apart. The first of the conflicts was when a group formed that wanted to take more land and believed that the Winged Elves deserved to be the only race and to exterminate all others. For decades this group tried to swing the Elder Council to war and violence and away from law but found very little success. After a few hundred years they simply gave up trying and left the Mountain for a new land, killing all in their way. This group would become the first Clan, taking the name of their leader Skaro.

Age of Fracture

After the first Clan split off there was a long period of peace and happiness again but it would not last. When word of the Clan Skaro's actions around the world reached the Elders they decided to try to bring them back into the fold by allowing them a share of seats at the Elder Council. This was met with anger from many groups. Some wished to put the entire Clan to death for their crimes, some wished to separate themselves from them as much as possible and others wished to allow them their seat. This was where the entire Kingdom started to divide into factions and take up the title of Clan.

The first of this new Split was Clan Skyward, the Clan of Law. They wished to fight Skaro and remove them from this world. When the Elders arrived for the first time they killed all members of Clan Skaro's group except one and sent her back to them as a message that they would not be allowed to vote in matters of politics.

This caused rage among the rest of the population as they did not agree with Clan Skyward's actions. The Clan Avion, Clan of Reason, formed as a group to make sure that all Winged Elves could live peacefully. They were quickly given control of the Council by the majority of the population and they instituted a new system of governance. The new system, known as The Clan System, made it so every Clan that exists would be given a single seat at the Council. The Clans were required to make their own laws and the Elder Council would now have no power to make laws and functioned more as a court and a diplomatic meeting place for each Clan.

Age of the Court

With the start of the Elder Council Court the Winged Elves started to split more and more. Soon hundreds of Clans formed and split up around the world. The Clans then decided to put a few Clans in as Leaders of the Council to keep matters simple. These Clans were universal agreed upon as Skyward, Skaro and Avion as representations of Law, Chaos and Reason respectively. These three would judge on issues of the smaller Clans and many Clans started to follow each.

Eventually a new Clan started to emerge and as the larger groups fought and played politics among themselves and started to represent the Winged Elves outside of their own lands. Taking the name Clan Tegalad from a great Winged Elf Warrior they proved themselves as a strong group. They accept any individual of fey blood, including non-winged elves into their Clan and do not take a seat at the Court.


Winged Elves are generally thought of as wise and calm like other groups of elves but this is actually not the case in many situations. Many Winged Elves are actually prone to acting on impulse and not considering the consequences of the things they do.

The exact nature of a Winged Elf individual is always determined by the way he is raised and influence by his Clan's outlook on the world. If an individual decides that they are in conflict with the ways of their Birth Clan they may attempt to join another Clan or choose to become Clanless and live with other societies or on their own.

Clan Avion: This Clan's members are relatively good though they will act on impulse at times.

Clan Skaro: This Clan's members are extremely impulsive and takes no consideration for others in their actions. They are also generally cruel.

Clan Tegalad: This Clan's members are widely varied but there does tend to be some narcissism and arrogance in many of the individuals.

Clan Skyward: This Clan's members are more like traditional elves. They are very wise and will consider everything before acting to enforce the law.

Physical Description[edit]

Winged Elves are generally considered a very beautiful race like many other varieties of elves. They tend to be taller than most other groups of elves, generally being closer in height and weight to humans than elves. The older groups of Winged Elves mostly had light hair and eyes and pale skin but over the time since the race split they have started to vary a lot more.

They also have the obvious difference of the large wings on their backs. Their wings are noticeable as soon as they are born but they are generally quite small until they reach the age where the rest of their body matures as well. Once they are old enough their wings are extremely strong and perfect for not only flying normally but doing maneuvers and tricks in the air. Most have mastered the use of their wings by age 100.

Different Clans also have different traits that make them easy to identify most of the time. They are much like different racial groups in human populations.

Clan Avion: This Clan's members have light hair and white wings. They are most similar to the first winged elves.

Clan Skaro: This Clan's members have black hair and red eyes. Their wings are often black or grey as well.

Clan Tegalad: This Clan's members are highly varied in hair and eye color. This is due to their acceptance of many exiled members of other clans.

Clan Skyward: This Clan's members have brown or blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Their wings are silver but many dye the feathers for religious reasons.



Winged Elves alignment is governed by their Gods and their Clan. Some Clans have very strict requirements for its members with punishments such as exile or death for those who go against the ways of the Clan while others do not care about alignment as long as they are not disrespecting the Clan or bringing it trouble.

Clan Avion: This Clan's members are generally Chaotic or Neutral Good. Neutral alignments are fine but evil is frowned upon though not punished.

Clan Skaro: This Clan's members are Chaotic Evil. The Good are exiled and the Lawful put in charge to keep them whole.

Clan Tegalad: This Clan's members are usually True Neutral but vary to every possibility. There are no rules on alignment.

Clan Skyward: This Clan's members are Lawful Good or Neutral. The Evil are executed and Chaotic Exiled.


Winged Elves used to live in one large group near a mountain range but have become separated over the centuries. There exists populations of various sizes around the entire world. Some groups have integrated into other populations while others choose to stay segregated into their own communities.

The only community with people from most of the Clans that still exists is the City of the Council where the Clans will meet to discuss important issues and try to keep peace. Violence in this city is punished by exile from it and your Clan.

Clan Avion: This Clan is mainly based in snow peaked mountains around the North of the World. They are somewhat segregated.

Clan Skaro: This Clan is based in a large city on magically suspended islands around a volcanic range. They are completely segregated.

Clan Tegalad: This Clan is widely spread out. They integrate with societies well, especially elven ones and have no home city.

Clan Skyward: This Clan integrates fully into cities, often taking on a role as protectors of its population.


Winged Elves do not have a set religion. Various clans worship different Gods but in the end most of them are Gods of the Sky or some other variation of that. The seriousness of the religious belief also varies largely between Clans with some having no religion at all and some defending their beliefs to the death.

Clan Avion: This Clan worships the God of The Sky. Their belief in him is strong but not fanatical.

Clan Skaro: This Clan worships the God of Chaos. Their devotion to him is extreme.

Clan Tegalad: This Clan worships no God. They recognize the Gods as powerful beings and aspire to be like them.

Clan Skyward: This Clan worships the God of Law. Their beliefs guide every aspect of their lives.


Elven is the first language of most Winged Elves. Most Clans speak it as the primary language in the home and it is the language that all Clans have agreed to for politics and business to make sure they can all deal with each other with minimal difficulty. It also allows them to communicate with other Elves.

The next language they are taught is Common. The Winged Elf Elders believe that it is very important for the young to be able to communicate and deal with the world as a whole and they believe that they need the ability to speak the common tongue of the land. This has kept the Winged Elves from becoming as isolated as some other groups of elves who avoid contact with humans and other 'lower races.'

Winged Elves though will also speak a language based on their surroundings, Clan alignment or Religion. This allows them to better communicate with those they ally with or must deal with regularly. It is also not uncommon for them to attempt to learn as many languages as possible.

Clan Avion: This Clan's favored language is Avian. They teach it to all members.

Clan Skaro: This Clan speaks Abyssal as it's only language. Elven is only known by their member of the Elder Council.

Clan Tegalad: This Clan speaks Elven but their interest in the rise to godly level inspires some to learn Celestial or Demonic.

Clan Skyward: This Clan speaks a very formal version of Elven.


Names for Whinged Elves are split into three parts, the Personal Name, the Family Name and the Clan Name.

The personal and family names are both given at birth and are used to identify the individual from others in the clan. The nature of the names themselves vary between Clan with some sounding very different than others.

The Clan name is something that must be given to an individual by the Clan. Different Clans have different policies on how it is awarded with some just at a certain age or with a ritual. Others do it with much more difficult tasks. In the event that the family name would be the same as the Clan name (When they individual is a direct decedent of the founder.) the Clan name is not used.

Clan Avion: Names are considered 'soft' sounding. Clan name is given upon climbing the Home Mount with others or the Age of Maturity.

Clan Skaro: Names are short and sharp. Clan name is awarded upon the slaying of an opponent in fair combat.

Clan Tegald: Names are Common Elven. Clan name is awarded for a 'spectacular accomplishment' and very few have it.

Clan Skyward: Names are Old Elven and often are religious in origin. Clan name is awarded to those who 'Bring Justice to Chaos."

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Bonuses: +4 Dexterity, -2 Charisma. Winged Elves are fast in combat.
  • Type: Humanoid (Elf) - Winged Elves bodies are similar to most elves but their wings let them fly as easily as they can walk.
  • Size: Medium - Winged Elves are about the same height and weight as humans and other elves.
  • Speed: Land Speed 30', Fly/Glide Speed 60' with Good Maneuverability. Winged Elves fly fast and have used their wings for most of their lives.
  • Flight Reflex (Ex): +2 Reflex Save when Flying or Gliding. Winged Elves can move extremely easily when in the air.
  • Dexterous Fighters: May use Dexterity when attacking with a one handed. Winged Elves prefer precision over force.
  • Automatic Languages: Elven, Common, Auran and Clan Language (See Languages Section.).
  • Bonus Languages: Any language.
  • Favored Class: Ranger or Rogue like classes.
  • Level Adjustment: +2

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Winged Elf Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
150 years +1d20 +3d20 +5d20
Table: Winged Elf Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
2500 years 4000 years 6000 years None (Immortal)
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 0" +2d10 120 lbs. × 2d4 lb.
Female 5' 0" +2d8 110 lb. × 2d4 lb.

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