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Zyash's Rifle: This finely crafted rifle was the first one made and appears slightly translucent with his signature on the handle

This functions as a Small +1 Quick Loading Force Bolt-Action Rifle. Also, 1/day you can fire an overload shot from the rifle that is much more forceful; the shot has +1d10 Force damage. After the overload shot is fired, the rifle needs to cool down. It takes 1 round to cool down during which it can't be used.

Lore: Zyash created the first bolt-action rifle because he wanted to be better in combat so he created a better weapon. Once he created the weapon he kept adding on to it eventually creating his custom rifle.

Note: To create a bolt-action rifle, you need Craft Wondrous Item. To enchant the rifle with weapon bonuses and such, you need Craft Magic Arms & Armor.

Moderate (DC 20) Transmutation;CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Quick Loading (+1 Bonus), Force (+2 Bonus); Cost 17,000gp, 1360 XP, 34 Days; Activation: See Text; Weight: 3 lb.; Market Price: 34,000 gp

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