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Zap284 (talk) Oct 2, 2014

To do...

  • Address stone to flesh
  • Finish undead modifications
  • Make a guide for less experienced players.

Fixing Animate Dead[edit]

Animate dead has the following changes. Ask your DM if most of the following rules apply to the greater versions of animate dead, as they usually should.

  • Undead controlled with any spell, item, ability, feat, or otherwise, count towards a non-stacking limiting factor equal to 4 HD/caster level which is still subject to increases from abilities, feats, etc.
  • The maximum number of undead you may create, controlled or not, is equal to 4 HD/caster level, any additional undead created that exceed this limit simply turn to dust.
  • For the purposes of creating and controlling undead, count zombies has having half HD (rounded down).
  • Desecrate no longer doubles the number of HD for a single casting.
  • The zombie dragon template from the Draconomicon is no longer allowed for balance purposes.
  • The max HD restrictions on the skeleton and zombie templates no longer apply.
  • If you cast animate dead with a caster level higher than 5, then the max HD of a single casting is equal to your caster level+5, not your caster level*2.

Pimp My Minion

Custom undead may be made which generally follow these guidelines. (ask your DM)

  • Modifications to the corpse must be made before animating and cannot be modified afterwards.
  • Heal is the normal skill to use, but craft: leatherworking can be used at a -4 penalty.
  • These modifications can only be done to corporeal undead and do not apply to incorporeal undead upon animation.

Task DC
Remove limb 10
Graft limb 15+5/limb
Harden bone 20+5/+1 AC
Craft natural weapons 15+5/weapon
Reshape face 20
Graft martial weapons 20+5/weapon
Combining two bodies 25+5/body

Remove limb: Removing a limb from a corpse might be done in preparation for a stronger replacement limb. Doing this requires a DC 10 heal check, failing the check ruins the corpse for reanimation and cannot be undone.

Graft limb: Attaching a limb to a creature might mean simply giving it a third arm or adding a new limb in place of an old one. Once a corpse with an extra limb is animated, it gains all the features of a creature with more than 2 limbs, such as thri-kreen. To graft an extra limb or replacing an old one is the same DC; a DC 15 heal check for the first limb and a new check at a +5 DC for each additional limb after that. This process requires you possess a limb of the same size as the corpse you are grafting it to. If grafting limbs to skeletons, add +4 to the DC.

Harden bone: Hardening the bone of a corpse is done by alchemical means known only to those who have read about it in books or have been taught the process by another person. Successfully hardening the bones of a corpse adds +1 natural armor to the animated creature, and requires a DC 20 heal check, adding 5 to the DC for each additional +1 bonus you choose to add to the creatures natural armor. This process cannot be done to a zombie or most corporeal undead with most of their flesh intact.

Craft natural weapons: Creating natural weapons for the corpse is done by various methods depending on the weapon. One can craft anything from a claw by filing the hand bones of a corpse, to a stinger made from the spine of another creature. Doing this grants the animated corpse a natural weapon which you may choose at the time of the skill check, many of which require additional bodies to craft the weapons from. The animated corpse is proficient with all natural weapons received in this way. This process requires a DC 15 heal check for the first natural weapon and a new check at a +5 DC for each additional natural weapon attached after that.

reshape face: s

graft martial weapons: no disarm, proficiency

combine bodies: s

Necromancy For Dummies

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