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Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
USFA ZIP .22 Common 2d4 piercing 1 lb. Ammunition (range 40/120), Special, hidden, light, reload (10 shots), misfire (6)

The Zip .22 is extremely prone to jamming, and, when clearing a jam as an action, the user must make a Sleight of Hand check (DC 12). On failure, the user accidentally shoots their own hand due to the poor control placement, taking the weapon's normal damage.

It was made, in part, to be mounted on a primary weapon, a feature of dubious purpose and use. It can be mounted to any two-handed firearm and used to make an attack as a Bonus action, with disadvantage.

One of the great tragedies of modern firearms, the USFA ZIP .22 is a pocket pistol chambered in .22 long rifle, and one of the most poorly made pistols in modern history. The general consensus among owners is that firing three times without a jam is a miracle. The weapon is likely more lethal to its producer than to its target, having been the final failed product of the once-renowned USFA.

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