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Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary

Yuri is an Ōdachi, one once wielded by a Legendary Samurai warrior of the same name, she drifted from kingdom to kingdom, forging her Legend with a pen and writing it in poetry. She slew many Demons and Devils, Orcs, Oni, and even Dragons. She stood alone in a Cruel Empire, but her Recklessness and Skill was a Facade for what was once a shy girl, she had fallen in love with someone named Sora all but their name lost to time, on the day she intended to tell Sora how she felt the village was raided by a Horde of Goblins, they slaughtered everyone in the village, Except for Yuri, with her Grandfather's Ōdachi and filled with Rage she killed Goblin after Goblin, leaving their corpses impaled upon Spikes. It was that day her Epic began and the shy girl she once was in a way died with her family in that tiny village east of the Capitol, and from the ashes a Cold and Heartless Warrior was born, The Ōdachi she wielded was the same one that slaughtered the tiny creatures on that day.

On the 30th anniversary of that Raid she returned to the ruins of her old village and it is said she was attacked by the ghost of Sora. Sora believed that it was Yuri's fault that they died, and blamed Yuri for not saving them. Yuri did not have the Heart to fight Sora and was killed in the old village, but when she died she could not bring herself to go to an afterlife, for she was overcome with guilt about how she could not save Sora she believed that eternity in the old Ōdachi was better than the afterlife that would await her. She decided to stay in the sword for all eternity, and as a result the sword is an ancient and eternal blade.

The weapon has a blade that is long and slender, it whistles in the wind whenever swung, and has a large handle with a black cord wrapping, and a small golden snake binding, that can be felt beneath the cord. The golden pommel has a honeycomb pattern on it and a small dragon depicted on the bottom. The guard is golden, circular, and shows a small village on it, with one half depicting happy children at play and with the beautiful mountains in the background, the other half seems to have been modified and the children resemble goblins and the small huts are burning. The massive blade has an engraving on it, depicting a sun rising over an ocean harbor. The weapon makes the wielder feel cold, and unforgiving inside.

Fast as the Wind Your speed increases by 10 feet, and you have advantage on initiative checks. The weapon has Reach.

Sharp as Broken Glass You deal 1d12 Extra Slashing damage with this weapon and it is considered Silvered. You strike Goblinoids, Orcs, and Giants with advantage. Enemies cannot be immune to the slashing damage dealt by this weapon, if they are immune they are resistant.

Blood Flows from the Heart like Sorrow When you strike a target with a critical hit from this weapon then they take 2d6 Necrotic damage every turn for 2 turns. If you hit the same target while they are under this effect then the effect resets. If they die from this then they cannot be resurrected and their soul is considered destroyed.

Blossom of Blood You step back and bring the blade ready to deliver a flurry of blows. Anyone in 10 feet takes 4d12 slashing damage each round that they remain in 10 feet of you. Enemies attack you with disadvantage. This effect lasts a maximum of 1+ strength modifier turns (No more than 3) and you cannot attack or make any actions aside from moving or stopping the attack. You can move at 10 feet, nothing more, and you can only use this once until a long rest occurs.

Form of Dragon Embodying the samurai spirit if even for just a moment, you feel the power of a thousand spirits standing with you and strike with the fury of a Dragon. You deal 6d10 fire, cold, necrotic, or acid damage. This resets at Dawn and can only be used once, unless Sora has been reunited with Yuri then it can be used Twice.

Spirits Wrath This feature is only accessible when Sora is in the sword. You may summon Yuri, she will act as a level 20 Samurai, Variant (5e Class) of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style and has 200 hit points. She wields a Greatsword. Her ac is 16 and her stats are as follows Str:13 Dex:20 Con:15 Wis: 18 Int: 12 Char:4. She is considered proficient with the Greatswords, Perception, and Insight. She stays for 2 + Your Charisma Modifier Rounds, or unless she dies, in which case her spirit will return to the blade. You may use this once a day, it resets at Dawn. Her appearance is rather straightforward, she stands at 5'5 and has long violet colored hair, her eyes cannot be seen beneath her helmet and she wears rather basic samurai armor.
Sentience. Yuri is a Lawful Neutral Ōdachi, with an intelligence:12 Wisdom:18 Charisma:4. It has sight and hearing out to 60 feet, and it speaks common and communicates telepathically with whoever is in direct contact with it in a cold, female voice.
Personality. Yuri is a warrior of faraway lands, she is cold and unfeeling, and cares little of what the wielder does so long as they are not excessively evil or excessively good. She will rarely talk about herself and sees no reason the wielder should talk about themselves to her. While she may be more open to talking about her feeling and letting the wielder talk about theirs her primary feeling are self guilt over not having saved Sora, and general loneliness about the loss of Sora. Though she will never consider the wielder anything more than a friend. If the wielder really does wish to help Yuri, then they could travel to the old village and convince Sora to forgive Yuri and maybe even enter the Sword with Yuri. This will cause Yuri to be much more confident and open, Less cold and Unfeeling. She will become very poetic and may recite poems, or write her own about current events. Though the wielder will now have to please Sora as well. Sora unlike Yuri does actually care about what the Wielder does, and believes that they should try to be honorable and dignified, not reducing themselves or doing illegal actions.

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