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Weapon (Greatbow), Legendary (Requires attunement by a character with wisdom 14)

Yungouth's story is a tragic one indeed. He was once a Gnoll Ranger short, tough, and fast, the pride of the tribe for how much he looked like what they believed Yeenogu did, he commanded nature like a Druid, animals would appear when he needed them, crows followed his trail by the Murder, he could sneak like a shadow, and was faster than even elves. He lived by a code of honor, one the other gnolls were not a fan of, he'd never kill children and would push as hard as he could for the tribe to raid villages that were as strong as they were, or stronger, he believed that if he was an honorable and great warrior then a special afterlife would wait for him, for he , in secret, had forsaken Yeenogu. He was the chief's right hand man and had great weight to his words, But the good fortune came to an end.

On the date of a Great Raid on a mighty castle, the ranger was in the heat of the battle, scurrying through blades and arrows, but he crossed paths with another Warrior, King Geraminus of Dundee, a Legendary warrior of mankind, blessed by gods with immortality. The King and the Ranger clashed in a final battle, but as the battle raged on, the king used more and more tricks, Yungouth dodged his golden sword, and immediately the King charged his shoulder into him, on a normal sized Gnoll this never would've worked, but Yungouth was always small. Geraminus showed no mercy to the Ranger and used his corpse as a sign to his men, it gave them a second wind they needed to win. Not one Gnoll survived that battle, but the head of Yungouths true form still rests above the old kings seat at his table, But much to his dismay Yungouth found that Yeenogu still had claim on his spirit. Yeenogu was furious that Yungouth had forsake him and as such he forced him to suffer for all eternity, trapped in the old Greatbow, he made with crows feathers and Wolf bones, of leather and fur. Truly the worst punishment he could have had. The history blurs at this line, trading hands over and over again, but somehow settling somewhere waiting for its next wielder.

The Bow is Tall and slender, and is strong and sleek, with a rustic look. Runes carved into it, with Leather wrapped up and down, covering the mighty Wolf Fangs that are the true form of the bow, with a Quiver made of the wolves fur and with nothing but sinew making the bow string.

Piercing Shot The arrows are massive and almost the size of spears. This weapon Deals 2d12 Lightning Damage.

Scurrying in Shadows You have advantage on stealth checks. You are not hindered by Difficult terrain caused by forests and swamps.

Slayer of Man Yungouths hate of Humanity was born the day he died. You have advantage on attack rolls on humans and disadvantage on charisma checks that are not intimidate.

Murder of Crows Though he has no body but a Bow, Yungouth's influence of nature is immortal. Once per Day you may summon a Murder of Crows, the rules they follow are these. They encompass a space of 25 feet, and deal 4d12 Necrotic Damage to hostile creatures inside of it. Enemies inside the crow storm are considered Blinded, due to the crows, and they automatically destroy any corpse inside the murder and prevent resurrection, this effects friendly corpses too. The crows are considered Difficult terrain and consist for 2 + Your Charisma Modifiers rounds (Maximum of 6).
Sentience. Yungouth is a Chaotic Neutral bow with an int: 10 Wis: 20 Char: 14. It has smelling and hearing to 60 ft. and can communicate with those touching it or the attuned wielder within 50 feet, and it speaks and understands any language the attuned does, if no one is attuned it speaks Abyssal, in a voice that is rather average by a Gnoll.
Personality. Yungouth is an angry Gnoll, it hates Nobles and Kings in particular. The weapon commands the wielder follow a code of honor similar to the one it did. It hates it when they attempt to intimidate weaker people, but admires it when they stand up to the strong. To kill weaker warriors in battle is forgivable, so long as it was the weak that started it, but reckless fighting of those who have no chance is a disgusting habit that the weapon despises on every level. It occasionally will get sad and depressed, about it's failure to defeat Geraminus and the fates it's tribe faced with it's failure. It despises Theft and Murder, but admires the defense of the weak and ambushing worthy foes. If the the Attuned continuously breaks its requested honor code, picks on weaker Individuals, or simply leaves it to deal with it's problems alone then a conflict will occur the next day.

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