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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: An obsidian lion with dragon wings.
Home Plane: Pher'Amys
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Torture, Agony, Suffering of Mortals and Powers alike, Rape (preferably of elves or males), Oppression, Hunting of Criminal, Evil and Fire-based magic.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil
Domains: Violation, Law, Trickery, Evil, Fire, Magic
Favored Weapon: Shortsword

Once a powerful human sorcerer, Yalanvel lost her humanity long before her death, through a dark pact forged in greed, selfishness and blood. Forged in this, she gained extreme control over fire and evil magics of the time, making her a ruthless, merciless, but not heartless Sorcerer-queen. When she met her demise at the hands of an Order of Paladins, her soul was catapulted straight to Baator, deep into it's depth. In there, she transformed, rising as unique devil of considerable power, and achieving a sort of immortality in the process. However, she was furious at her fiendish benefactors for not helping her in the battle against the Paladins that slew her, as such, she began to plot and wait.

Eventually, she gathered a small, but loyal following among the devils and used this to escape from the plane, and into the Astral plane. It is there that she wandered, for an unknown amount of time, until she stumbled upon a broken, shattered remains of a demiplane, which she named Pher'Amys, roughly meaning "New Realm". Slowly, but surely she proceeded to take control of the plane, growing steadily in power as she did. Several times, devils attacked plane, trying to drag Yalnavel back to Baator, but failing each time, until something happened and the attacks stopped. Many scholars suspects she made a deal with Asmodeus that allowed her to permanently sever her chains to the Nine hells.

Most of the time, Yalvanel nowadays dwells inside her White Citadel, a massive fortress of an unknown white metal which does not shine. This fortress is located at the very center of Pher'Amys, at the top of a mountain some 20 miles high. The "fortress" is more of a heavily fortified city than a true fortress, being home to some 225,000 residents, seventy percent of which are mortals, as of last someone from Faerun visited it.

Yalnavel herself is usually depicted as a hooded woman wearing robes, with her chest partially exposed and her groin area covered by a loincloth, with two sets of angelic wings sporting on her back and holding a set of chained cuffs in her left hand and a shortsword in her right. These statues are usually made from steel or black marble. Yalnavel harbors a deep hatred for elves, wood elves in particular, seeing them as the true perpetrators of her fall to Baator.


It is highly encouraged among Yalnavel's followers to engage is sexual actives, more sinister and forbidden the better. Her followers also fervently attack, capture, torture and rape elves, but this does not mean that some elves do not worship her, ironically enough elves make second largest base for her worshipers though doing so is a death sentence if caught by other elves.

Yalnavel is known for explicitly forbidding males becoming priests, on the penalty of death and eternal torture in the depths of her Citadel. She is said to be a "god-killer", but this fact remains unproven, and possibly that title is self-given.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

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