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Greater Deity
Symbol: A random jumble of matter, often vaguely resembling a face
Home Plane: Ever changing plane of chaos
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Chaos
Clergy Alignments: Any Chaotic
Domains: Chaos
Favored Weapon: Sap
Xom altar.png

Xom is the God of Chaos. He has playthings instead of servants, and has a laundry list of possible actions every so often; good, bad and neutral. Xom expects you to keep him amused, and if lucky, rewards handsomely with pets, jewelry, mutation, and other perks; though he has many short-term punishments that you must be able to endure if you wish to live to reap the benefits. Xom does not view his champions in terms of 'piety' in the conventional manner; instead he has his own attitude and interest level in his individual worshippers. He is truly chaotic, both punishing and rewarding those who worship him.


Xom is easily incredibly bored, and Xom really hates being bored. He actively seeks amusement, chaos and any events he can stir up. Successful quests can be rewarded with artifacts, garbage, or nothing whatsoever - Whatever amuses Xom the greatest. Xom knows no consistency, no true goal beyond amusment, and will do anything in his power to change events, things, or even people, in the pursuit of chaos.

Xom encourages true chaos. Xom discourages True chaos.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clergy of Xom are commonly crazed mad men, obsessed with causing havoc in everything they can. Xom's Paladins are in the form of Chaos Knights, using force and power to spread Xom's chaos and keep him entirely amused with the utter madness they deign to spread.

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