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Wondrous Pet [General]

You gain an exceptional animal companion that is devoted to you.
Prerequisite: Handle Animal 1 rank
Benefit: You can train any one animal or vermin that you have already tamed. Your wondrous pet is clever for a creature of its type (although its Intelligence score is not altered) and it can perform any simple task (like those an animal can normally be trained to perform) under your direct supervision. With the Handle Animal skill, you can teach the creature twice the usual number of tricks for its Intelligence score (unless it is mindless, in which case you can teach it 3 tricks rather than the normal 0). You can also teach it a number of additional skill ranks equal to your ranks in the Handle Animal skill, with a training time of one week per skill rank. Finally, you can increase the creature's toughness. It can gain a number of additional hit points equal to your ranks in Handle Animal. Each extra hit point requires one week of training. If you do not have any interaction with your pet for a month it forgets a lot of what you have taught it, losing any abilities above what you would normally be able to teach such a creature with Handle Animal. However, you can retrain your existing pet. If you lose your pet or it dies, you may begin training from scratch with a new creature after one month has elapsed.
Special: You can take this feat several times. Each time it allows you to train an additional creature. Druids and worshippers of deities of plants and nature may also use this feat to train plant creatures with an Intelligence score of 0-2 that they can communicate with, at the DM’s discretion.

Many creatures lack the limbs and intelligence to learn certain skills. The ability to tame wild creatures is not included in this feat; it requires other abilities, such as the charm animal spell.

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