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Wand, very rare

A Wisher Wand is created when a malicious genie takes his anger out on a person who foolishly believes they are entitled to three wishes upon rubbing the genie's current abode where they are trapped in. The poor sod has no idea what has happened to him and still thinks he is entitled to three wishes.

The Wisher Wand is a sentient stick of mithral, approximately 2 feet long, that can be used as a magical +0 shortsword.

The Wisher Wand will demand three wishes from whichever creature holds it. When it has been granted three wishes of its request to its satisfaction, the spirit inside will leave the wand, and it will transform into a very rare or legendary wand of the DM's volition. This new item does not retain the sentience of the Wisher Wand.

If a spell such as dispel magic or remove curse is cast on the Wisher Wand, the spirit inside the wand will be purged, leaving behind a non-magical mithral stick worth approximately 250 gp.
Sentience. The Wisher Wand is a sentient lawful stupid wondrous item, with an Intelligence score of 9 (-1), a Wisdom score of 6 (-3), and a Charisma score of 11 (+0). It can see and hear to a range of 300 feet, and it can understand and speak common.
Personality. The Wisher Wand holds the spirit of a confused middle-aged male tourist who believes that the creature holding the wand is a genie who will grant them three wishes. It will demand that the creature grant its wishes at every opportunity, and cannot take no for an answer no matter how roughly one tries to talk it out. If its demands for wishes are denied, it will try to cause a conflict.

Outside of the demanding of wishes, the spirit is rather dim-witted and behaves like a buffoon who has no cultural aptitude whatsoever. If it tries to communicate to a creature and finds that it doesn't understand common, it will attempt to force communication by repeating itself loudly and slowly in an effort to force the creature to understand in spite of the laws of linguistics.

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