Winged Punching Blade (5e Equipment)

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Winged Punching Blades

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Winged Punching Blades 20 gp 1d4 piercing 3 lb. Finesse, light, special

Katar with the blade continuing down the length of the forearm. The "winged" portion of the blade allows for defensive blocking and the elbow tip for attacking close rear attackers. A forearm brace also stabilizes the blade allowing for more powerful strikes.

Special. The winged punching blade is considered a shield, granting +1 to your AC. You don't benefit of this AC bonus if you are already wielding a shield, but you benefit of this bonus again if you are wielding two winged punching blades. To wield or remove a winged punching blade, you need to don and doff, in the same way you would do with a shield.

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