Wild Spark (5e Spell)

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Wild Spark
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 60 ft
Components: V, S
Duration: Instant

You beckon forth the unstable magics within yourself and attempt to willfully force a magical effect into creation. This spell transmutes your chaotic magic into the effect of another cantrip at random. As you are casting this spell, roll a d10 on the following table to determine what cantrip, if any, this spell produces. Follow all effects of the chosen cantrip as you normally would, but ignore any material components listed for that spell. If the cantrip has a normal range of touch, less than 60 ft, or more than 60 ft, its range becomes 60 ft instead (Touch spells, such as Shocking Grasp, create an ethereal hand that delivers the spell).

Wild Spark Effect
Result Cantrip Effect
1 Your cantrip fizzles and no effect is called forth.
2 Chill Touch
3 Ray of Frost
4 Acid Splash
5 Fire Bolt
6 Poison Spray
7 Shocking Grasp
8 Mind Sliver
9 Infestation
10 You may select one result from this table and use it as your result.

At Higher Levels. The spells conjured forth by this spell gain all of their normal additional effects at the appropriate levels. (ie. At 5th-level, the damage of Fire Bolt increases by 1d10 (to 2d10), etc.)

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