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A bright, multi colored cloud rolls into the valley. The village, inhabited by hill dwarves starts to be abandoned as the storm grows closer. When it reaches the house, weird things start to happen. A piles of sticks turns into a swarm of poisonous snakes! A herd of sheep all pass out at the same time, and then are immediately nuked by a fireball! Lightning bolts, ice shards and even arrows start to rain from the sky. In a few minutes, the storm moves on from the valley as the dwarves watch a smoldering crater that was their home.

Wild Magic Storms, or just magic storms for short, are some of the most dangerous weather events in the material plane. While not technically natural, Magic Storms have been known to do more damage than most wars. From a distanced, they resemble a swirling wall of multi colored fog that seemingly moves at random. A bird’s eye view reveals that the storm is similar to a hurricane, complete with an eye and eye wall. The eye of the storm can be as big as the DM wants, and acts as an antimagic field only for the effects of the storm.

The storm is 2d4x100+100 feet wide. Someone inside the storm sees things as heavily obscured, being able to see no more than 20 feet in dim light. The storm moves 1d10x10 feet in a random direction every 1d4+1 rounds. At the center of the storm is the storm eye, where none of the magical effects take place. If a strong wind is somehow summoned, it will continue to push away the storm and the magical effects until the wind stops.

If the control weather spell is cast by a PC, they have a little control over the storm. The DM still randomly determines the effect, but if it targets a random spot in the storm or a random creature in the storm, the PC who has concentration on the spell can determine the spot or creature.

Something happens every turn in the magical storm. Roll a d100 on the chart below to determine the effect.

Some of the effects require a save DC. If it does not specify one, roll 2d20 and calculate the average for every different save.

Wild Magic Storm Effect Table[edit]

Roll Magical Effect
1 Fireball hits a random points in the storm.
2 A single dart from the magic missile spell hits each creature in the storm.
3 The call lightning spell appears and strikes random points for 1d6 rounds (it gains the additional benefits for being in a storm).
4 Color spray is cast on a single person.
5 A portal to the elemental plane of wind opens up and remain for 1d8 rounds.
6 A +1 longbow falls from the sky. The first person who touches it is the only one who can use their proficiency bonus when making attack rolls with it.
7 Faerie fire is cast on a random point in the storm.
8 A portal opens up and fires 1d10 darts straight forward before instantly closing. Anyone who picks up a dart finds out it is a +1 dart.
9 A random creature falls unconscious for 1d6 rounds or until they take damage or someone spends an action to wake them up.
10 Barkskin is cast on a random person in the storm.
11 The storm starts raining acid. Anyone not covered by the sky must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 2d6 acid damage, or half on save. They must repeat the saving throw every round that they are inside the storm. The rain lasts 1d4 rounds.
12 Zone of truth is cast at a random point within the storm.
13 A staff of frost falls from the sky. The first person to touch it must make a Dexterity save or be petrified in ice for 1d10 rounds. A creature petrified this way takes 1d10 cold damage every round until they break free. At the start of the targets turn, he or she can make a Strength saving throw to break out. A target automatically breaks free if it takes an fire damage.
14 A ripple of sonic energy breaks through the storm, causing everyone in a 5 by 100 ft. line make a Dexterity saving throw or takes 8d6 thunder damage, or half on save.
15 A wave of poisonous gas fills a 1d10 x 100 foot point inside the storm and remains for 1d6 rounds. Anyone in the cloud takes 4d10 poison damage at the start of their turn.
16 For the next 1d3 rounds, everyone in the storm can only take bonus actions and reactions.
17 A confused mage is teleported into the storm and opens a portal 1d4 rounds later unless persuaded not to by the PC.
18 A bolt of lightning strikes everyone wearing metal armor, forcing them to make a Dexterity saving throw or take 8d6 lightning damage, or half on save.
19 A random creature is turned invisible for 1d6 rounds.
20 Sunbeam is cast at a single point in the storm with a line 20 feet wide. The turn after it disappears, the storm does not affect the point where it was, leaving a hole in the storm that stretches to the sky.
21 Stoneskin is cast on a random creature in the storm.
22 A random weapon in the storm is changed to silver.
23 8d6 zombies crawl from the ground.
24 A random creature in the storm has its size increased for 1 minute.
25 A random person in the storm has their skin turned blue. The remove curse spell ends this effect.
26 A random person in the storm has their race changed. Roll on the reincarnate spell table to see what race they change into. The target loses all of it’s racial traits and ability score increases and are replaced with the new races.
27 A random creature in the storm must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 10d8 necrotic damage, or half on a save.
28 A mummy claws its way out of the ground.
29 A 5f ft. green sphere appears at a random point in the storm. Anyone in the sphere has resistance to poison damage.
30 A god like voice starts chanting in celestial for a round. Anyone who understands celestial can understand it saying, “Summon the winds of Niflheim”. When he’s done, it starts snowing.
31 A random point of dirt in the storm changes to mud.
32 A random person in the storm is becomes deaf for 1 minute, and the level of noise the would be hearing is indicated by how many sparks fly out of their ears.
33 2d10 skeletons rise from the ground from necrotic energy. However, if anyone in the storm snaps their fingers, the skeletons all drop to 0 hit points.
34 Sleep is cast on a random creature in the storm as a level 9 spell.
35 A sonic boom goes off in the eye wall and spreads out through the storm, dealing 6d6 thunder damage to anyone within 100 feet of the eye wall, and 3d6 thunder damage to everyone outside that radius bust still in storm.
36 A random creature starts to hear someone whisper in their ear in infernal. They take 2d8 psychic damage every round for the next 1d6 rounds.
37 Ice storm is cast at a random point in the storm.
38 The defender sword appears lodged into a stone, and only the PC with the least hit points can draw it and add their proficiency to attack rolls with it.
39 Random effects of the druidcraft cantrip start to happen.
40 An invisible stalker starts to attack the party for 1d4 rounds before disappearing.
41 The entirety of the storm becomes difficult terrain for 2d4 rounds. Anyone who falls prone in this time cannot stand back up.
42 Dispel magic is cast on every creature in the storm.
43 A wave of fire appears on the rim of the storm and moves 50 feet closer to the eye wall every round. Anything that touches the wave takes 1d10 damage + a number of d10s equal to how many rounds passed since it was first summoned. The wave disappears when it enters the eye wall.
44 A fire elemental is summoned and remains for 1d6 rounds before teleporting back to the elemental plane of fire.
45 Haste is cast on a random creature in the storm.
46 A +2 Warhammer drops from the sky. The first creature to touch it has it magically fused to his/her hand. The remove curse spell can get rid of this effect, and the Warhammer can be used normally from that point on.
47 A random liquid carried by a random creature in the storm is selected and starts raining from the sky for 1d4 rounds. Being touched by the liquid on your turn has the same effect as drinking a normal does of it.
48 Wall of thorns is cast at a random point in the storm. The spell is then cast another 1d4 times, all connecting to the first wall.
49 Calm emotions is cast on a random humanoid inside the storm.
50 Shield of faith is cast on 3 random creatures in the storm.
51 1d8 phase spiders teleport into the storm from the ethereal plane.
52 Meteor swarm is cast on a random point in the storm.
53 An invisible mage hand starts messing with the PCs in the storm in anyway the DM sees fit.
54 A ghost appears and starts haunting the PCs.
55 A random trinket falls from the sky. Roll on the trinkets table to determine what it is.
56 Time starts to reverse for a minute. The DM may implement this in anyway they see fit.
57 Mass heal is cast on a random creature in the storm. If there are any hit points left after that creature is fully healed, the spell immediately uses the rest of the hit points on another creature, and so on.
58 A random creature in the storm is turned into a potted plant until the start of it’s next turn. While a plant, the creature is incapacitated and vulnerable to all damage. If the creature drops to 0 hit points, the pot brakes, and the creature returns to normal.
59 A random creature in the storm has their eyes turned gray for an hour. While in this state, they are able to read all language.
60 A random creature in the storm falls under the effects of the confusion spell.
61 It starts raining arrows on a random point in the storm. Unless under full cover, everyone in a 20 foot radius must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 10d8 piercing damage, or half on a successful save.
62 A wave of water appears randomly and sweeps forward for 100 feet over the course of 2 rounds. The wave is 100 feet long, and any creature who gets hit by the wave must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 4d8 Bludgeoning damage, or half on a save. Regardless of if they saved or not, the creature is pushed back 1d10 x 10 feet.
63 2d8 imps are summoned from the Nine Hells and start to attack everything in sight.
64 A sleeping brown bear appears unconscious. If disturbed, he will immediately attack.
65 Fly is cast on a random creature inside the storm.
66 A random creature must make a Strength or be restrained for 1d6 rounds by invisible chains. Druids that fail the saving throw are restrained for 1d8 rounds.
67 A random creature deals an extra 1d8 Necrotic damage with every melee attack.
68 Every creature in the storm starts smiling uncontrollably for 1 minute.
69 Earthquake is cast on a random point in the storm.
70 It starts to rain acid for one round. Anyone not under full covered takes 1d10 acid damage. The acid remains on the grounds for 1d3 rounds before magically evaporating.
71 A random PC gains the ability to cast wish once while they are in the storm.
72 A portal opens up to Mt. Celestia for 1d6 rounds before closing.
73 For 1 minute, whenever a random PC speaks, his or her words come out spoken backwards (for example, if they wanted to say, “hello friends”, they would say, “friends hello”).
74 A random creature is turned into a number of bubbles equal to how many hit points they have for 1d4 rounds. If a bubble is popped, they lose one hit point when they change back. Someone can pop a bubble as an action.
75 A random creature becomes immune to all damage for a minute.
76 The Infinity Gauntlet (Revised) appears on a random PCs left hand with 1d4+1 random infinity stones.
77 A pig appears and starts squealing.
78 An adult red dragon appears from the sky and starts breathing fire on everything.
79 Xanathar himself teleports from his home in Waterdeep in an attempt to capture one of the PCs (use another random beholder if Xanathar isn’t in your campaign).
80 A floating, glowing sword appears under the control of a random creature in the storm with an Intelligence over 8. The creature can use the sword to attack as a bonus action with an attack bonus of their proficiency bonus + their Intelligence modifier. The sword type is up to the DM, and it deals and extra 3d6 radiant damage to the target.
81 A random creature in the storm must make a Constitution saving throw or be petrified in stone for the next 24 hours.
82 It starts to rain for 1d100 rounds. When in the rain, creatures are considered soaked.
83 A random creature that can see has his sight of colors inverted for 1d4 rounds, and is considered undead in the duration.
84 A metal orb appears in a random point in the storm. Opening it requires a DC 25 Intelligence check. It contains a rubber ducky.
85 A magic tree grows from the ground over the next 1d4 rounds. If the tree is undisturbed and takes no damage from anything, it produces 1d6 golden apples. Eating a golden apple provides the effects of a long rest. If the tree is disturbed, anyone who eats the apples takes 10d8 Poison damage and is poisoned for 1 hour.
86 A random creature increases by one size category for the next minute. If the creature is already gargantuan, they transform into a tiny creature.
87 A random point of ground becomes lava. Anyone in the lava takes 10d10 Fire damage and is ignited.
88 A spear made out of ice appears on the ground. If it hits on an attack roll, or miss on a ranged attack roll it breaks. A target hit by the spread takes an extra 3d6 cold damage.
89 A wight appears in a random point in the storm.
90 One of the PCs has his or her race changed. Replace all of there racial traits with the ones of the new race, and change ability score increases.
91 Cloud of daggers is cast at a random point in the storm.
92 A cool pair of sunglasses fall from the sky and land on the face of the PC with the highest Charisma.
93 Dispel magic is cast on a random spellcaster in the storm.
94 A random creature with an Intelligence of 10 or higher has the ability to cast eldritch blast permanently.
95 A bag of holding appears on the belt of anyone who has a belt.
96 It starts to rain sparks for 3d4 rounds. They deal no damage, but ignite any flammable objects not being worn or carried over the course of 3 rounds.
97 A random creature in the storm has there body become ethereal and invisible for 1d6 rounds,
98 A spike of earth shoots up from the ground at a random point in the storm. Anyone within the 5 foot sphere it comes up in must make a DC 21 Dexterity saving throw or take 3d10 piercing damage
99 A random PC suffers from a random lingering injury (DMG Page 272)
100 Power word kill is cast on a random creature in the storm.
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