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The Wild Forest. The map's scale is based on the average medium race's walking speed.


The Wild Forest separates the Fey Realm from the rest of Patronage. It is cut off by the construction of the Iron Road by its northern neighbor, Ironguard. To the east, the hungry nation of Nidvalar raids the Wild Forest for lumber and other raw materials for their clockwork creations.

By Louis Rhead (1857 – 1926) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Wild Forest is home to all manners of races, but most are thieves and brigands.


There is no government to the Wild Forest; each faction governs itself. It is a lawless and violent area.


Ferroclasty is very strong in the Wild Forest, even amongst constructs like the warforged. However, equally important is self-reliance and autonomy, two qualities that all denizens of the Wild Forest share in abundance.


Once territory that supposedly belonged to the Fey Realm, a rebellion by disaffected elven and goblin servants forced the Fey themselves to retreat deeper into their Realm, ceding this lush forest to their erstwhile subjects. Since that time, the Wild Forest has become home to all manner of races, including dwarves, elves, genasi, goblins, halflings, humans, ravin, shedim, and warforged. The Clockwork Circle is known to meet here, wedged as it is between Nidvalar, Ironguard, the Fire Mountains and the Fey Realm. It was here that the legendary Buka and Hara first discovered how to create the warforged, and where the elves Gamaliel and Muhajiel plotted the creation of the Caliphate. Although the forest can be harsh, it has abundant resources and has been the beginning of many an epic tale.

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