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Masters of crafting, the Elementals work with their genasi and dwarven servants to create artifacts of unimaginable power. The wondrous masterpieces they have built over the millennia are carefully hidden away deep in the Fire Mountains.

Realm: Fire Mountains

Cities: This Realm has no known cities.

Noble: Genasi

Genasi Breeds: None

Base: Dwarf

Dwarf Breeds: Duergar, Dwarf

Elementals are a Patron race. The term is used in Patronage to describe any creature appropriate to the epic tier of play that is considered native to the Elemental Chaos (but not the Abyss) in the default 4e cosmology. Such creatures appropriate to the heroic and paragon tier of play are called "archons" and are forged from the flames and materials under the Fire Mountains by the Patrons for specific tasks. Such creatures are considered more like constructs or summoned creatures than an actual race. The Elementals control the Fire Mountains as their Realm.


The genasi serve their Elemental Patrons in the Fire Mountains, channeling the enormous energies needed to craft their artifacts and other wonders. They are the noble race, and often assigned to supply the massive forges worked by the base race of dwarves with oxygen, materials and fire. Even though they are nominally superior to their dwarven companions, the relationship is often described as a relationship of equals. The dwarves don't tell the genasi how to channel the fires and the genasi don't tell the dwarves how to build and smith.

Few genasi have left the security and comfort of the Fire Mountains. Those who have generally dwell in the Free Kingdoms of Ironguard, Nidvalar, Minia, Verdant or Midhaven.

Prominent Genasi[edit]

  • Alamera: Mistress of the Mists, a sorceress without peer, who stole items from her patrons and gifted them to worthy mortals.
  • Iskander: He overthrew the corrupt Buzurg IV, but was himself a tyrant who had to be overthrown by his own sister, Jaha.
  • Jaha: The current queen of Midhaven.


The base race for their Elemental Patrons, the dwarves work the massive forges, helping craft the most wondrous items in Patronage. They do not perceive their role as inferior to the "noble" genasi. Rather they use the word "base" in its architectural sense. They are the foundation upon which the Elementals' society is built.

Most dwarves live within the Fire Mountains or in the Free Kingdom of Ironguard. Other dwarves can be found in Nidvalar and Midhaven.

Prominent Dwarves[edit]

  • Khaidu: The legendary dwarf, who performed marvelous feats of physical prowess and organized the first team of legendary heroes.
  • Chingiz: The founder of Ironguard, Chingiz led the dwarves into the Free Kingdoms in order to stop the plague of Ferroclasty and the scourge of the Caliphate.
  • Temur: Temur reunited the legions of Ironguard, creating a strong and unbreakable kingdom to protect the Fire Mountains from the dangers of the Caliphate.
  • Buka: One of the founders of Nidvalar, with the aid of the elf Hara, he developed the secret of creating Warforged.
  • Molug: A once dishonored dwarf, who recaptured his pride by preventing Midhaven from conquering the Province of Dragonseye and holding against all threats until his death 30 years later.

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