Wedding Ring of Death (JJBA Supplement)

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Wondrous item, Very Rare (requires attunement)

Consisting of a small, barbed, hollow ring containing a very specific poison. While unadministrable through ingestion, blood contact, or inhalation, even a drop of the liquid can kill even the strongest of mortal beings. This poison comes in various types, with each having a unique antidote capable of circumventing the ring it is contained in. As an action, a creature may contest an attack roll with the Dexterity saving throw of a creature they can touch. On the initiator's success, they slip a small ring around a vital passageway of their body (i.e. aorta, windpipe, etc.) with relative ease. After exactly 1 month, the ring dissolves, killing the creature instantly if the respective antidote has not been ingested.


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