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Sharp Tongue of Envy (Envy): The Weapons of Sin are seven legendary weapons created by an evil wizard and his brother, a cleric of a depraved god who commissioned the weapons in person. Over the centuries the names of the creators have faded from history thanks to many heroes destroying evidence of their existence.

Each weapon is a different type, ranging from the delicate Lustful Hand (a crystal dagger) to the bulky Force of Wrath (a large two-handed, two-headed maul). These weapons are cursed, forcing their owners into the depraved behavior each represents. It is rumored that they were created using wild magic and that is why they sometimes work for the benefit of the wielder and sometimes cause their destruction during battle.

This +4 puncturing rapier appears well-crafted, but bears a powerful phantasm causing all creatures near it to perceive it as a magic item of great power and beauty. At the same time, it broadcasts powerful emotions to all creatures within 15 feet, causing them to envy the bearer and resent him for owning the weapon (as if under the effects of emotion: hate).

CL 13th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Mord's sword, Harm, Emotion, Nightmare;; Cost 84,320 gp + 356,720 XP; Market Price: 168,320 gp

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