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Weapon mods and attachments are modifications that can alter a weapon to gain benefits and/or loose penalties to said weapon. You can buy up to 10 slots for each weapon which can slot mods/attachments. Mod and attachments cost from 1 to 5 slot.

Range Mod Table
Name of Mod Descriptor Mod slot cost
Scope Double base range 1
Laser Sight +1 to crit threat zone for each time taken up to a max of 5 1 each time
Stabilizing Stocks +1 to attack roll for each time taken up to a max of 5 1 each time
Extended Barrel +1 to damage roll for each time taken up to a max of 5 1 each time
Extended Mags Doubles mags size 1
Bipod +5 to attack roll 4
Suppressor -10 on damage but, is silent and +2 to the crit multiplier 3
Explosive rounds each round explodes in a 10ft radius dealing an additional 2d8 fire damage to all creatures in range 3
Trigger When making a full-attack action, +1 attack at the wielder’s full base attack bonus, plus any modifiers appropriate to the situation 3
Flashlight (Activate as a swift action) Illuminates a 15ft cone in the direction it pointed last for 30 minutes then needs to charge for 10 minutes 1
Grip +1 to attack roll for each time taken up to a max of 5 1 each time
Tesla Mod +2d8 electricity damage. On a hit, it will ark to the nearest hostile with in 15ft, dealing 2d8 electricity damage to that creatures 2
Light frame drop one size category 1
Under Barrel Shotgun add a shotgun to the weapon, use(M90 CAWS Shotgun) for stats 5
Grenade Launcher add a Grenade Launcher to the weapon, use(M319 Individual Grenade Launcher) for stats 5
Promethean Hybrid Mod Promethean Hybrid weapon ignores nonliving matter. Armor and shield bonuses to AC (including any enhancement bonuses to that armor) do not count against it because the weapon passes right through it. Promethean Hybrid weapon cannot harm undead, constructs, or objects 5
Lucky Charm on a miss, get to reroll the attack once ever 1d4 rounds 2
Sticker A sticker allow a weapon to have its own pool of action point. This pool holds 1 - 5 action point, which is refreshed at the start of each day. +1 action point each time taken up to a max of 5 1 each time
Quick Mags reload the weapon as a free action 2
Acidic Mod +2d8 acid damage, on each crit hit, target armor and shield degrade, and their AC bonus drop 1 for both armor and shield 2
Cryo Mod +2d8 cold damage, on crit hit, target is slowed to quarter speed and becomes vulnerable to cold damage for 2d4 rounds 2
Full-Auto gives a semi-auto weapon a full auto fire mode 4
Tag Detonator once a target is hit 4 time with this weapon the target explodes, the explosion kills the target and deals 4d8 damage to all creatures within a radius of 15ft 5
Shield Guard A Shield Guarded weapon doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity when fired 3
Tag glow On a successful hit the target glow with a bright neon color, can be washed off as a full-round-action after 2d4 rounds 2

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